Catchment Areas for Geoscience Program Student Recruitment

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Geoscience departments and their universities draw upon the same pool of high school graduates for undergraduate recruitment. Geoscience departments see students coming from generally the same catchment as their parent institution, though geoscience students tend slightly to be more “local” than their peers on campus.

Departments and universities in the Northeast recruit a higher percentage (~8%) of students from outside the region than other regions. Additionally, geoscience departments in the South tend to have a higher percentage (8%) of bachelor degree recipients that graduated from high schools within the same region than all bachelor degree recipieints from universities in the South.

Percentage of students with Bachelor degrees that graduated from high schools in the same region (2003). Source: AGI Geoscience Workforce Program, data derived from NSF SESTAT 2003 dataset.

Date updated: 2009-08-18
Data Brief 2009-009
Written and compiled by Leila Gonzales for AGI, August 2009

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