GeoConnection Recruitment Packets - Final Update

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Between 2009 and 2011, AGI sent out 2,279 packets to 82 geoscience departments across the United States to aid with their recruitment and retention reports of undergraduate geoscience majors. Included in these packets were informational brochures from several of AGI's participating member societies, fliers with internship information, a copy of EARTH Magazine's "Workforce" edition, "Why Earth Science" DVD and a grain size ruler.In addition to these materials, AGI also covered students with free registration for up to five of AGI's professional membership societies to encourage students to become active within the geoscience community. These memberships are valid for one full year and included subscriptions to the societies' journals and publications. For more information, check out the preliminary data that were presented in Currents 54.

Patterns in students joining professional societies through GeoConnection recruitment packets (2009-2012). Source: AGI Geoscience Workforce Program.

Date updated: 2013-02-22
Data Brief 2013-004
Written and compiled by Heather R. Houlton for AGI, February 2013

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