Geographic Distribution of U.S. Geoscience Departments

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The states with the most geoscience departments are in California, New York, and Pennsylvania. Students in states that have a larger number of universities with geoscience departments will, in general, have a greater diversity of options to major in the field in their region.

Number of geoscience departments in 4-year universities per state. Source: American Geological Institute, 2006-2008.

Low student to tenure-track faculty ratios have be linked to enhanced educational experiences of university students by allowing more contact hours between students and faculty members. This ratio, interestingly, does not strongly mirror the number of departments per state.

Average geoscience department student to tenure-track faculty ratio per state. Source: American Geological Institute, 2006-2008.

Date updated: 2008-07-22
Data Brief 2008-010
Written and compiled by Leila Gonzales for AGI, June 2008

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