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insoluble residue

insoluble residue (in-sol'-u-ble). The material remaining after the more soluble part of a rock sample has been dissolved in, e.g., hydrochloric acid or acetic acid. It is chiefly composed of siliceous material (e.g. chert or quartz) and various detrital minerals (e.g. anhydrite, glauconite, pyrite, and sphalerite). Abbrev: IR. See also: siliceous residue.

Paleo-Interview with Tara Lepore

Hi everyone! For this month’s Paleo-Interview, we’re excited to chat with the Paleontological Society social media guru, and paleontologist, Tara Lepore.

The interview below is a transcript of the audio file, edited for flow. In case you’re wondering, the Interviewer is none other than Ms. Lepore’s girlfriend, Jessi!


convolution [sed struc]

convolution [sed struc] (con-vo-lu'-tion). (a) The process of producing convolute bedding; the state of being convoluted. (b) A structure produced by convolution, such as a small-scale but intricate fold. (c) convolute bedding.


The David B. Jones Foundation was established by the late David Jones to support research in paleontology and educational programs and training for young or amateur fossil hunters, as well as other educational or research endeavors funded at the discretion of the foundation’s Board of Directors. The foundation honors the wishes of David Jones by supporting programs that expose teenagers and young adults to paleontological research so they may be inspired to consider a career in paleontology or a related science.

crystal gliding

crystal gliding . Deformation of crystalline material by orderly displacement of atoms such that good crystal structure remains after the process is finished. It often produces crystal twins. See also: twin gliding. Syn: gliding [cryst]; translation gliding.