Critical Issues Monthly Roundup: August 2017

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A satellite image of the Earth. Image Credit: NASA

Welcome to September! Here’s what’s new from the Critical Issues Program:

  • We are pleased to announce the publication of the final report for our 2016 Critical Issues Forum, “Addressing Changes in Regional Groundwater Resources: Lessons from the High Plains Aquifer.” This forum brought together a wide range of scientists, economists, water managers, policy experts, students, water industry professionals, and representatives from federal, state, and local agencies and organizations, to share perspectives on groundwater management, monitoring, and use in the High Plains and further afield. You can download a free copy of this report here. Videos of the presentations are available here.
  • On August 2nd we held our most recent webinar, “Building the Modern World: Geoscience that Underlies our Economic Prosperity.” This webinar, based on a June 12th Congressional briefing, focused on the fundamental geoscientific underpinnings of our nation’s infrastructure, from building materials and construction projects to hazard mitigation and coastal planning. If you missed the live webinar you can find a video recording, copies of the presenters’ slides, and additional resources by clicking here.
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