Critical Issues Monthly Roundup: July 2017

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Critical Issues Monthly Roundup: July 2017

Welcome to August! Here’s what’s new from the Critical Issues Program:

  • On July 6th we held our most recent webinar, “Planning for Coastal Storm & Erosion Hazards,” which focused on efforts to anticipate, mitigate, and respond to coastal storms, erosion, and associated hazards at the federal, state, and local level, including case studies from California, Texas, and Georgia. Thank you to the more than 800 people who registered and over 500 who attended live. If you missed the live webinar you can find a video recording, copies of the presenters’ slides, and additional resources by clicking here.
  • Our next webinar will be tomorrow, August 2nd, at 3:00 pm EDT, entitled “Building the Modern World: Geoscience that Underlies our Economic Prosperity.” This webinar, based on a June 12th Congressional briefing, will focus on the fundamental geoscientific underpinnings of our nation’s infrastructure, from building materials and construction projects to hazard mitigation and coastal planning. You can still register for this webinar here.
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