Earth Anatomy Revealed: Geologic Mapping for Our Future

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Pardee advertisement.
Are you attending the Geological Society of America (GSA) annual meeting in Seattle this year? If so, please join us on the morning of Wednesday October 25th for an exciting Pardee symposium, "Earth Anatomy Revealed: Geologic Mapping for Our Future". Details on this Pardee Symposium can be found at
The discussion will feature leaders from across the geoscience community including the U.S. Geological Survey Acting Director, senior leaders from national organizations and state geological surveys, experts from user communities, and innovation leaders, and will address important questions including:
How does geologic mapping underpin our research, and help solve pressing societal issues?
How are expectations changing on what a map can do? 
What new innovative technologies are at the forefront of geologic mapping?
We would like to thank the sponsors of this Pardee symposium, GSA's Geology and Society Division, GSA's Geology and Public Policy Committee, GSA's Geoinformatics Division, the  Association of American State Geologists, the American Geosciences Institute, the American Institute of Professional Geologists, the American Geophysical Union, and the U.S. Geological Survey. 
Please feel free to distribute this email to anyone that you feel would be interested in attending. We look forward to seeing you in Seattle on October 25th!
Best regards,
Cassaundra Rose (AGI), Darcy McPhee (USGS), Harvey Thorleifson (AASG), and Danielle Woodring (AGI)