ESW contest winner buys LOTS of classroom materials with award

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How would you spend 500 dollars on your classroom?
When Kolby Noble, a 4th/5th grade teacher in Deal Island, Maryland, received a $500 award for her class's top submission to the One Shared Place Video Contest, she went shopping for her classroom and followed up with Ed Robeck, our Director of Education and Outreach. She purchased a *LOT* of stuff! From Kolby: "I really enjoyed being able to get so much, it was better than shopping for clothes!" Click "Read more" to see what Kolby purchased with her award money and keep an eye out for the 2017 One Shared Place Video Contest. We'd love to see how you use your award!
1. Robot for the classroom that operates through an app as well as color coded markers.
2. 9 Toobs of animals from different ecosystems throughout the world.
3. Class set of mirrors for teaching light/symmetry
4. 5 heavy duty flashlights
5. 2 different styles of bowling pin sets (energy)
6. 5 books to add to our library
7. Magnetic ramp set (like rollercoasters for the wall)
8. Hand held maze you manipulate to create your own maze and work a ball through.
9. Class sets of playdough
10. 36 Glue sticks to help us keep working with our science journals
11. UV beads (color changes/solar energy/etc.)
12. All different kinds of toy pigs for a lesson I do with science related to severe weather/energy/etc. (don't ask)
13. Lots of different styles of balls for various science related lessons
14. 8 cardboard boxes to be used for "Mystery Science" boxes, inquiry
15. Toy money to be used by students when "purchasing" materials to build STEM designs with.
16. Other miscellaneous items to add to our STEM materials shelf...baskets, hot glue, rolls of paper, etc. (you name it)
Kolby also wants to use this award to help inspire a new generation of science teachers. She included this final note:
Then, where I get to plan/teach this early elementary class at SU (probably my one and only opportunity so I'm going to enjoy it)...I put together science bins for my 10 students. They have journals, glue, markers, playdough, and I will be adding some science goodies as the semester progresses. My goal is that by doing this and giving them materials to hold on to and teach with, 10 more teachers will go into the profession excited about teaching science.