Call for AESE Awards Nominations

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It’s time to submit the forms to nominate noteworthy publications and exceptional individuals in publishing for the annual Association of Earth Science Editors (AESE) awards. The deadline for submitting nominations is May 30, 2018. This deadline will give the committee enough time to read and judge the submitted publications before this year’s annual meeting in Niagara Falls, NY (September 26–29, 2018), where the winners will be announced at the Awards Banquet.
The awards committee is looking forward to receiving nominations for the three awards: 
  • Outstanding Editorial or Publishing Contributions
  • Lifetime Honor Member
  • Outstanding Publication
Send your nominations to committee chair, Linda Deith, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, 3817 Mineral Point Rd., Madison, WI 53705. You can email her at For entry forms and more information on how to prepare submissions, please visit .
Outstanding Editorial or Publishing Contributions Award 
The association’s highest award, the Outstanding Editorial or Publishing Contributions Award recognizes outstanding contribu¬tions and achievements in editing or publishing that stimulate new or greatly improved accomplish¬ments in teaching, research, and applications in earth science. Editorial and publishing contribu-tions can include writing, editing, publishing, and editorial man¬agement. Singular contributions, such as an outstanding book or other isolated editorial achieve¬ments, are not generally enough to qualify an individual for the award. Rather, continuous con¬tributions and achievements that have spanned a substantial time are generally expected. Both AESE members and non-members may qualify for the award. There is no entry form to nominate someone for the Outstanding Editorial or Publishing Contributions Award. Please submit information docu¬menting this person’s contribu¬tions, such as letters and testimoni¬als from others that demonstrate the value of the work in stimulating new or improved achieve¬ments in earth science teaching, research, or applications. 
Lifetime Honor Membership Award 
The AESE Lifetime Honor Membership Award is given in recognition of a career of continual contributions to earth science editing or publishing, or contributions to AESE through service in office or on committees. The award honors those highly valuable members of the earth science editing and publishing community, whose efforts benefit us all. There is no entry form for this award. Nominations should include information about this person’s contributions, such as letters and testimonials from others that demonstrate the value of the work to AESE or to the earth science editing community. This award is open to current and former members of AESE only.
Award for Outstanding Publication 
The AESE Award for Outstanding Publication recognizes a recently published earth science publication—book, map, journal, or other individual publication, in¬cluding those produced electroni¬cally—that demonstrates outstand¬ing editing, design, illustration, writing, effectiveness of produc¬tion cost, and overall effectiveness in achieving its publication goal. Recently published is defined as no more than three years prior to the award year; i.e., for the 2018 awards year, the publication must have been published on or after January 1, 2015. The competition is open to AESE members and non-members. Entries are judged on a point system, and points cannot be granted in areas in which in¬formation is missing. Submissions should include all of the requested information. Each nomination must be accompanied by a com¬pleted entry form and mailed with two copies of the publication.
The recipients of these awards from previous years are listed on the AESE website ( ). 
If you have questions about the nomination process, please contact Linda Deith, AESE awards committee chair (