A little piece of Mineralogical Society of America History

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The Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)  shared the original letter circulated in 1917 by Professor Edward Kraus to gauge interest in creating an organization focused on minerals in the most recent issue of Elements Magazine. It was sent to 51 individuals of which 21 responded in favor. The Elements piece notes that, "Much of the discussion in those original reply letters concerned including the terms “petrographical” and “crystallographical,” both as subject matter and in the name of the society; a possible society publication; meetings; whether there were a sufficient number of mineralogists to form a viable and specialized society – might it better to be a branch of a larger society because there were so many other societies; and the $10 cost of membership (= $203.90 in 2016 dollars)." Read the full text of the original letter, and the rest of the history of Edward Kraus' letter here, or you can download a copy for yourself! Keep your eyes peeled for information on how to celebrate the centennial in 2019.