Newest Paleozoic Pals Kickstarter Launched #paleo #fossil

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Check out PRI's Next Paleozoic Plush Toy Kickstarter
The Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) launched the latest plush toy Kickstarter for its wildly popular "Paleozoic Pals" series. Paleozoic Pals, was designed to bring lesser-known and lesser sized -yet just as important- fossil creatures to life for the community of scientists, students, and the public as a whole to enjoy. This year, with the support of paleontology fans and the geoscience community, PRI hopes to bring Tiktaalik to life as a soft plush creature for kids and adults to snuggle with. According to the Kickstarter, "Tiktaalik is a type of lobe-finned fish - a group of fish with specialized articulated fins. These fins eventually evolved into the first legs. Tiktaalik is especially important because it shares a whole bunch of anatomical features with both fish and amphibians, and its skeletal structure marks it as the earliest known fish that was able to lift its body out of the water." Past campaigns have resulted in loveable versions of trilobites, eurypterids, armored fish and cephalopods.