Register for Petroleum History Symposium: July 13-15 in Findlay, OH

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The Petroleum History Institute (PHI) is hosting their annual symposium in Findlay, Ohio, July 13-15. Visit the PHI website for information or check out the attached flyer. Registration details are attached. See the current list of presentations below.
  • Freeing the Furnace Slaves, or the Battle of the Basements -How Fuel Oil Displaced Anthracite Coal, 1925-1940
  • The Changing Oilfield: An Environmental Impact Perspective
  • Application of Infrared Imagery for the Identification of Leaking Historical Production and Idle Oil and Gas Wells in Ohio
  • Radioactive Oilfields:  Cold War Uranium Exploration in Areas of Hydrocarbon Deposits
  • The Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil Association:  After WWII
  • A Brief History of the Utica – Point Pleasant Shale Play of Ohio
  • Fearless Freddie - The Long and Ambitious Career of Frederic M. Prentice, International Oil Man
  • Waste, Ignorance, and Flambeaux - Ominous Warnings from Indiana’s Oil and Gas Boom
  • Abraham Gesner (1797-1864) Revisited:  Putting Oil History in the Classroom
  • Practical Tools - The Beginning of Professional Practice, and the Founding of AAPG: 1900 – 1917
  • The Discovery of Daqing Oilfield in China
  • Hypothetical 1859 North American Exploratory Program
  • The Independent Torpedo Company - Oil Well Shooting in the Lima-Indiana Oil Field and Beyond
  • Oil in the First World War
  • Early oil drilling in and around Grand Lake, Ohio (1886-1892)
  • Standard Oil and the Great Lakes