SEPM Announces New 2017 Research Conferences

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Check out the 2017 SEPM Conference Schedule
The Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) has posted three new research conferences slated for 2017. The North American Micropaleontology Section (NAMS) is proud to announce that it will once again sponsor a Geologic Problem Solving with Microfossils Conference April 5-9, 2017. The Microfossils conference series is a unique meeting concept because of its broad focus on the use of microfossils for solving geological problems. Session themes are intended to span chronostratigraphy, paleoclimate, paleoceanography, environmental quality assessment, evolution and new technologies, among others.
A conference on the Propagation of Environmental Signals in Source-to-Sink Stratigraphy will take place June 5-9, 2017 in the Spanish Pyrenees and will focus on the controls on clastic sedimentation at different geologic time-scales and the propagation of sediment-flux signals in the stratigraphic record of correlative segments of source-to-sink sedimentary systems. SEPM with the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists will host the Mountjoy Carbonate Research Conference June 26-30, 2017 in Austin Texas. The theme of this meeting will be “Characterization and Modeling of Carbonate Pore Systems." Abstracts for the Mountjoy Conference are due by January 31st.