SSSA Asks the Ever-Important Question: When Does a Rock Become #Soil? #Geoscience

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Soil scientists dig holes to investigate soils in various regions. Looking at the flat face of that hole is called a “soil profile.” Here, you can see the distinct yellow area under the top, browner, layers.

Geoscience is an inherently interdisciplinary field of study. Where one geoscientists' research transitions from one field to another is a hard line to draw, and that is why so many organizations are part of the AGI Federation, including organizations like the Soil Science Society of America! In their "Soils Matter" blog, they ask a question that underscores the valuable relationship between geology and soil science: when does a rock become a soil? Explore the answer from the soil experts

It's important to celebrate the breadth of geoscience. Explore your place in our community by proudly exclaiming "I'm a Geoscientist.