From Tyrannosaur Skulls to GIS, GeoCorps Participant Shares Her Experience in New Mexico

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Lauren A. Martz collecting Eocene-age pronghorn fossils. Photo by BLM-NM Sherman Hogue.
Have you ever thought of applying for the Geological Society of America (GSA) Geocorps Program? If you didn't already know, Geocorps is a program that brings geoscientists into paid positions on U.S. Public lands. Participants get the opportunity to work on some of the most scenic lands the US has to offer. In the Speaking of Geoscience Blog from GSA, past Geocorps participant, Lauren Martz shares her experience working for the Bureau of Land Management in the New Mexico State Office. Read about her experiences as she shares her sage advice about how she made the most of her Geocorps experience. From field work, applying her GIS skill set to help with the Potential Fossil Yield Classification System, to participating in a press event for a Tyrannosaur skull - it sounds like her experience rocked!