Vertebrate Paleontologists Unite! SVP Annual Meeting set for Calgary. #paleo

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Logo for the 77th SVP Annual Meeting Featuring a Drawing of  Chasmosaurus belli UALVP 52613
The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology will host its 77th Annual Meeting in August in Calgary, Alberta. The Podium Symposium will explore "using tetrapod limbs as the framework for research on four foundational themes of vertebrate paleontology: the quantification of limb biomechanics, the elucidation of developmental processes guiding limb evolution, the relationship between limb evolution and environmental change, and the characterization of major evolutionary transformations in which limb evolution played a key role." (SVP Meeting Circular) and take scientists to exciting fossil localities on the meeting field trips to places like the Burgess Shale and Dinosaur Provincial Park.The circular also includes a listing of the major collections in the region to explore while in the neighborhood. 
The 77th meeting logo features a sketch of Chasmosaurus belli UALVP 52613 described in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology in 2016. Sketch by by Alberta paleoartist Michael Skrepnick.