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Theis type curve

Theis type curve . A log-log plot of the well function, W(u), versus the argument u, in which u describes for a confined aquifer the theoretical relationships among observation-well distance, time since pumping began, and the aquifer storativity coefficient and transmissivity . It is used to determine aquifer properties, drawdown, or pumping rate, based on the results of an aquifer test (Todd, 1959, p.90-94). Cf: Theis equation; Thiem equation .

The AWG Undergraduate Excellence in Paleontology Award

The Association for Women Geoscientists is pleased to announce the 2017 AWG Undergraduate Paleontology Award. The award, which consists of a $1000 cash prize and membership in the Paleontological Society and AWG for the tenure of the
awardee’s schooling, will be presented to two outstanding female undergraduate students pursuing a career in paleontology. This award was made possible by the generous donations of Drs. David Watkins and Mary Anne Holmes and the
Paleontological Society.

thermal metamorphism

thermal metamorphism . A type of metamorphism resulting in chemical reconstitution controlled by a temperature increase and influenced to a lesser extent by the confining pressure; there is no requirement of simultaneous deformation. Cf: geothermal metamorphism; load metamorphism; pyrometamorphism; static metamorphism. Syn: thermometamorphism.

2018 PS Grant Deadlines

Dear Colleagues,


New year, new grant opportunities from the Paleontological Society! The Society sponsors several research and outreach grants for students, amateurs, and professionals. Click on the links below for more information, including eligibility and the application process.


Student Research Grants (Deadline: Feb. 10, 2018)

#30: SEG Honors and Awards - Samuel Gray & Manika Prasad

One of the most important functions of a professional society is honoring those who have made significant contributions to the profession and to science. In this episode we highlight two of the 2017 Honors and Awards winners: Samuel Gray and Manika Prasad. Samuel Gray was awarded the 2017 Maurcie Ewing Medal, the highest honor given by the SEG to a person who has made distinguished contributions both to the advancement of the science and to the profession of exploration geophysics.


sternum (ster'-num). (a) In birds, mammals, and their closest extinct relatives, the ventral midsagittal bone with which the distal ends of most anterior ribs and proximal elements of the pectoral girdle articulate. (b) The ventral surface of the body, of a single tagma, or of a somite of an arthropod; the whole ventral wall of the thorax of an arthropod (as of an arachnid). Pl: sterna.