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Wed, 2018-04-11 04:15
National Geographic's new 10-part documentary series, "One Strange Rock," is, in a word, superlative, according to our reviewer. Featuring gorgeous footage and state-of-the-art, digitally generated animations, and perhaps covering a wider range of earth science topics than other documentaries in the genre, it’s worthy of the adjective. Read more
Wed, 2018-04-11 01:00
The 2018 Earth Educators' Rendezvous (July 16-20) will provide a unique opportunity to present and discuss your work with an audience of Earth educators. The deadline for submitting abstracts and teaching demo proposals has now passed, however posters and share-a-thon proposals will be accepted until the late deadline of May 15. Remember to register before May 1 to receive the early bird rate!
Wed, 2018-04-11 01:00
Free and open to the public, the InTeGrate 2018 Spring Webinar Series will incorporate InTeGrate pedagogies into teaching practices, provide resources available for adoption, and create a forum for participants to learn and share teaching strategies. The series continues Wednesday, April 18 with the webinar Addressing Landslide Hazards in Introductory Undergraduate Courses.
Tue, 2018-04-10 20:01
Coming off a busy and successful ICE 2017 in London, AAPG is excited to take the globe's leading petroleum geoscience event to Cape Town, South Africa, 4-7 November 2018. This event, which will be co-located with Africa Oil Week, will provide you and your company a great audience to spotlight your brand in the exhibition, with highly visible sponsorship opportunities.More...
Tue, 2018-04-10 20:00
AAPG, the recognized global leader in the dissemination of high-quality geoscience data and information, brings its International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) to Cape Town, 4-7 November 2018. ICE 2018 will gather geoscientists and petroleum industry professionals from 60+ countries looking to build their knowledge, discover innovations, and network with peers. Submit your abstracts today and help guide our future industry success.More...
Tue, 2018-04-10 06:00
English author G.K. Chesterton thought that “over the hills and far away” was the most poetic line in all of literature. The tune “Over the Hills and Far Away” mentioned in the nursery rhyme is a traditional British song from the late 17th or early 18th century. It was a siren’s song that promised wonder and adventure beyond the blue horizon. Gwyn Thomas, a fine though neglected Welsh writer, heard the song during his early-20th-century childhood in the Rhondda Valley, the heart of the south Wales coal region. Honeycombed by mines, the Rhondda’s spirit lay at the core of Thomas’ heart and imagination, and he distilled a mordant humor from the dark vibes of the life that he knew there. Read more
Mon, 2018-04-09 14:25
Elizabeth (Beth) L. Ambos, Executive Officer for the Council on Undergraduate Research Not only is April the month in which we celebrate Earth Day, but it also marks the commemoration of Undergraduate Research Week. This celebration was first created to highlight the valuable contributions of undergraduate research in making new discoveries, lifting up undergraduate research voices, and demonstrating to wider audiences the breadth and diversity of the undergraduate research enterprise. Due to the advocacy of undergraduate research leaders within the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR), on November 16, 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives declared the week of April 11, 2011 as Undergraduate Research Week. House Resolution 1654 was introduced by then Representative Rush Holt (D-NJ), currently the Chief Executive Officer for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).  The enthusiasm that Dr. Holt and several other members of Congress had for undergraduate...
Mon, 2018-04-09 12:40
Because of this earthquake's shallow depth, shaking was strong enough to cause damage in the city of Oda.
Sun, 2018-04-08 20:00
A wealth of information in a short period of time, ACE Short Courses are an effective and efficient way to build your knowledge and skills. Reserve your seat today!More...
Fri, 2018-04-06 12:36
Denis-Didier Rousseau, Fall Meeting Program Chair After a memorable edition in New Orleans, the 2018 Fall Meeting should take things to an even higher level. And while we have left behind doldrums of winter and entered the spring season, there is still time for you to be part of what will surely be a sensational meeting in Washington, DC in December. After the unique flavor and atmosphere of New Orleans, setting the Fall meeting in DC provides a special opportunity for you to become actively engaged as AGU begins its Centennial year celebrations. Last year, new session formats were employed by conveners to help their sessions run more smoothly. Oral panel presentations provided the forums that members have been looking forward to for many years. Co-organized sessions also gained greater attention. They provided a great opportunity to address cross-disciplinary topics using that utilized an innovative platform allowing attendees to present their research in engaging and illustrative...