35th International Geologic Congress Conference

TitlePresenting Author
Paper 10: Chemistry of cassiterite, ferberite and columbite-tantalite samples from Rwinkwavu, Bugarura-Kuluti and Musha-Ntunga mineral districts of the South-Eastern Rwanda. Mr. Jean-Claude Ngaruye
Paper 100: Germany`s new approach for siting a nuclear waste repository Dr. Volkmar Braeuer
Paper 102: An engineering geological investigation for the expansion of Maputo Port, Mozambique. Mr. Paul Aucamp
Paper 104: Coal Geology - A scientific building block for underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Dr. Johan Van Dyk
Paper 106: Gravity current deposits: dominant reservoirs of shale oil in post-rift basin insight from late Cretaceous First member (K2qn1) of Qingshankou Formation and First to second members (K2n1-2) of Nenjiang Formations, Songliang Basin, Northeastern China Dr. Youliang Feng
Paper 109: Tectonic Framework of Orogenic belts and Basins System in abdomen of Asia Mr. Yang Zhanlong
Paper 11: Landslide volume estimation by landslide area-frequency distribution Prof. Chien-Yuan Chen
Paper 111: Planar deformation bands in zircon: a new evidence of seismicity Dr. Elizaveta Kovaleva
Paper 113: 3D Numerical Groundwater Flow Modeling in Kohat Sub Basin, Northwest Himalayan Fold & Thrust Belt Pakistan Mr. Majid Khan
Paper 118: Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Black Carbon in Surface Soil as a Proxy for Reconstructing Vegetation in the Northern China Dr. Lian Liu
Paper 122: Quantitative prediction and evaluation of seafloor hydrothermal sulfide resources in the Indian Ocean Prof. Jianping Chen
Paper 125: Determination of Cu mineralized zones utilizing number-size (N-S) fractal modeling in Takht-e-Gonbad porphyry deposit (SE Iran) Mr. Mohammad Eskandarnejad Tehrani
Paper 126: Proterozoic ferroan feldspathic magmatism in Eastern Dharwar Craton; Constraints from the petrogenesis of Mesoproterozoic granite magmatism to the East of the Nallamalai Fold Belt, SE India Dr. Valiveti Venkata Sesha Sai
Paper 129: Geological mapping and U-Pb and Sm-Nd chronology of the Rauer Group Islands (East Antarctica) Dr. Nikolay Alexeev
Paper 131: Well log sequences stratigraphy and potential reservoirs of wells KF-1and KF-2; Kribi oil field, Douala-Kribi-Campo Basin, Cameroon. Mr. Nkwanyang Lionel Takem
Paper 133: Najd Wrench Fault System and Dead Sea Shear Zone in the Arabian Plate: Like Father Like Son Dr. Ali T. Al-Mishwat
Paper 138: Sedimentology and Geochemistry of Carbonate Bearing-Argillites on the Southeastern Flank of Mount Cameroon (Likomba) Mr. CHONGWAIN Gilbert MBZIGHAA Dr. Christopher M. Agyingi Dr. Josepha Foba-Tendo
Paper 142: Dynamics of Vredefort: Evidence for late emplacement of granophyre Dr. Matthew Huber
Paper 143: Significance of Speleothems in Paleoclimate change , Intensity of Tropical Monsoon , Inter Tropical Convergence Zone and Geomicrobiological process : Evidences from the Himalayan and Asian caves Prof. Vinod Tewari
Paper 144: Trace element and Sr-isotopic variations in plagioclase of the Main and Upper zones, Northern and Western limbs, Bushveld Complex. Dr. Frederick Roelofse
Paper 145: A fractal measure of the spatial relationships between geological features and mineral deposits Prof. Renguang Zuo
Paper 147: Petroleum Exploration into Black Shale System: Characteristics and Potentials Dr. Caineng Zou
Paper 149: Deep “plugs” caught in continent-to-continent collisions, gemstones, deposits of metals, oil & gas Dr. John Saul
Paper 15: Stable Isotope Technique To Discern Source And Origin Of Contamination In Groundwater Of Bangalore City, Karnataka, India Dr. R.K. Somashekar
Paper 150: Constrain multistage deformation using FIAs, Garnet Lu-Hf and Monazite U-Pb dating- A case study of north Qilian, China Dr. Hui CAO
Paper 153: Critical aspects in the estimation of Mineral Resources for Narrow Tabular PGM Deposits Mr. Ken Lomberg
Paper 154: The Importance of the International Reporting Codes in the Mining Industry Mr. Ken Lomberg
Paper 155: The International Mineral Reporting Codes – The importance of the Competent Person Mr. Ken Lomberg
Paper 156: Unravelling caldera-forming gigantic eruptions by Quaternary zircon U-Pb dating Dr. Hisatoshi Ito
Paper 157: Gold exploration using integrated geophysical survey methods: A case study for Ncema area of Esigodini in Zimbabwe. Mr Joseph Zulu
Paper 159: Analysis of pillar scaling in the Magdalena Colliery, Dundee, South Africa Mr. Sihle Mtshali
Paper 161: Methods and Results of the Urban Geological Research in Budapest City and in Hungary Dr. Peter Scharek
Paper 162: Fault zone architecture and evaluation of its fault sealing properties, Xiahong North Fault in Junggar Basin Dr. Kongyou Wu
Paper 164: The enigmatic Hastings Block - history of emplacement and subsequent deformation Dr. Paul Lennox
Paper 165: A Framework for Society-Earth-Centric Narrative Dr. Martin Bohle
Paper 166: Mineralogical Characterizations of Low-grade Nickel–Iron Laterites from North Oman: MLA-SEM based automated quantitative mineralogy approach Dr. Salah Al-Khirbash
Paper 167: Experimental Study of the Blueschis and Marble-bearing High Pressure Metamorphic Belt of Rongma Area in the Central Qiangtang, Tibet Prof. Guo-Li Yuan
Paper 168: Discovery of Middle-Late Triassic Conodonts within accessory complexes of South Qiangtang in the region of Tibetan Marigangri (China) and its tectonic significance Prof. Gen-Hou Wang
Paper 17: Lithospheric Evolution, Ultramafic Magmatism and Diamond Potential of the Norwegian Lapland Dr. Pavel Kepezhinskas
Paper 173: Geology, Landscape and Earth-Life Link in the Kruger National Park. Prof. Morris Viljoen
Paper 174: Geoheritage of the Great Escarpment of South Africa Prof. Morris Viljoen
Paper 175: Mineralisation in the Bushveld Complex Prof. Morris Viljoen
Paper 179: The Witwatersrand Goldfield - from Geological Origins to Environmental Impacts of Mining Prof. Morris Viljoen
Paper 180: The Anthropic Metallogenic Principle Prof. Morris Viljoen
Paper 182: Planetary and astrobiological significance of Canary Islands (Spain): review, state-of-the-art and future developments Prof. Dr. Jesús Martínez-Frías
Paper 184: Problems of intrusive magmatism in Saur region of Eastern Kazakhstan Mrs. Elena Jes
Paper 185: Three-Dimensional spatial relations between intrusions and gold bearing ore deposit within the Inata mine pit, Northern Burkina Faso (West Africa) Dr. Hermann Ilboudo
Paper 186: A stratiform (Cu-Zn±Pb) massive sulphide and gold deposit in the Kwademen birimian system (Burkina Faso, West Africa). Dr. Hermann Ilboudo
Paper 187: Developing capacity of groundwater and environmental protection in Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Nikita Latyshev
Paper 19: Geological Mapping, Structural Setting and Petrographic Description Of The Archean Volcanic Rocks Of Mnanka Area, North Mara, Tanzania. Mr. Ezra Kavana
Paper 192: Paleoproterozoic evolution of the Guiana Shield in Suriname: A revised model Prof. Dr. Salomon B. Kroonenberg
Paper 193: Hydrocarbon migration mechanism and accumulation model of ultra-deep carbonate rocks: a case from China Dr. Jingdong Liu
Paper 195: Comparison of Sr-Nd isotope data from southern Africa and Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. Dr. Geoffrey Grantham
Paper 196: Groundwater exploration using electromagnetic frequency domain and electroseismic sounding methods in Kalahari sands and Karoo Sequence in Zimbabwe. Mr. Joseph M Zulu
Paper 197: In-situ Fracturing Characterization of Tight Sand: Insight for Reservoir Stimulation Dr. Songtao WU
Paper 198: Porosity Evolution of Lacustrine Organic-matter-rich Shales in China Dr. Xiufen Zhai
Paper 21: Precambrian Gold-Bearing Nemui Conglomerates, Eastern Siberia: Possible Analogue of the Witwatersrand Basin and a New Emerging Gold Province Dr. Pavel Kepezhinskas
Paper 22: Petroleum System: from Conventional to Unconventional Prof. Jingzhou Zhao
Paper 24: Professionalism in the Geosciences as practiced in South Africa Mr. Edward Swindell
Paper 25: Tectonothermal evolution of Southeastern Nigerian basement complex Prof. Barth Ekwueme
Paper 26: Long-term trophication evolutions responding to changes in climate and ecosystem in Poyang Lake, China Prof. Ge Yu
Paper 30: Pioneering geologic mapping in northwestern South America Dr. Ken Aalto
Paper 32: Heavy Metals Pollution of Streams and River Sediments in parts of Akpabuyo Local Government Area, Nigeria and its Implication for Agricultural Practices and Environmental Protection Prof. Barth Ekwueme
Paper 33: A Comparative Study of Hand-Held Magnetic Susceptibility Instruments Mr. Deng Ngang Deng
Paper 35: Geohazards risk assessment for disaster management of Mount Merapi and surrounding area, Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia Ms. Ayu Narwastu Ciptahening
Paper 36: Eruption of Mount Sinabung, North Sumatera, Indonesia, and SMS gateway for disaster early warning system Prof. Sari Bahagiarti Kusumayudha
Paper 4: The reconstruction of paleo-environment Albo-Aptian sediments of the massive El Hmaima North Tébessa North-Eastern Algeria Ms. Diab Hamida
Paper 49: Identification of Potential Reservoir Intervals in Oil-shale Formations based on Geochemical Data Ms. Svetlana Mozhegova
Paper 51: The Alteration Index as a guide to base metal sulphide mineralization in the Xixano Complex, Northern Mozambique Mrs. Judy Schlegel
Paper 52: Zn spinel composition in the Mavala-Mpaca area, southern Xixano Complex, Northern Mozambique Mrs. Judy Schlegel
Paper 53: Petroleum Accumulation: from Continuous to Discontinuous Prof. Jingzhou Zhao
Paper 58: The mining history of Cape Town Dr. Doug Cole
Paper 6: Watershed Development For Sustainable Food Production and Improved Rural Health In India - The Role of “GROWNET” - UNESCO-IUGS-IGCP Project no. 523) Dr. Shrikant Daji Limaye
Paper 62: Seismic Hazard Analysis for Aswan High Dam Reservoir Dr. Awad Ismail
Paper 64: Igneous Phosphate Resources of East and South east Africa Mr. Wondafrash Mammo Ghebre
Paper 65: The roles and responsibilities of geoscientists providing expertise in civil and criminal proceedings – a practical guide to the requirements and avoiding pitfalls Ms. Ruth Allington
Paper 66: Redefining the surface | Petra –Jordan A Case Study Ms. Catreena Hamarneh
Paper 68: Deep crustal CO2 fluxes in Jordan and their various geological manifestations Prof. Nizar Abu-Jaber
Paper 69: Deep Seabed Mining, Geo-ethics and Pacific Small Island Developing States Dr. Jane Verbitsky
Paper 70: Possible analogs of Witwatersrand in the North Asian Craton Prof. Victor Starostin
Paper 71: Output selection for Gaussian Processes classification in iron ore deposits Dr. Katherine Silversides
Paper 73: Seismic beam-forming method with Cosine amplitude distribution Prof. Tao Jiang
Paper 74: Application of fractal modelling for integration of data layers in GIS, Case study: Sharafabad-Hizehjan area (NW Iran) Dr. Peyman Afzal
Paper 75: Geoinformatics for Sustainable Groundwater Resource development Dr. Arumugam Jothibasu
Paper 83: Post collision magmatism and metallogeny at the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula, SE-Europe Prof. Todor Serafimovski
Paper 84: Complex gold mineralizing system of the Plavica deposit, R. Macedonia Prof. Todor Serafimovski
Paper 85: An ethno-methodological approach to the formation of indigenous teachers in the Amazon region (acre, Brazil) - The concept of soil Dr. Rosely Imbernon
Paper 86: Evidence for hybridization in the Tynong Province granitoids, Lachlan Orogen, Eastern Australia Dr. Kamal Regmi
Paper 88: Study on hydrogeological model of leakage of Sanyou Cave inscription area of Yichang City, China Dr. Deshan Cui
Paper 89: An unexpected treasure – the personal and handwritten notes of the Austrian mineralogist and petrograph Friedrich (Johann Karl) Becke (1855-1931) Dr. Margret Hamilton
Paper 9: Gravity Tectonics in Western African Passive Continental Margin in Drift Stage and its Implication in Petroleum Exploration Prof. Shuping Chen
Paper 90: Paleoneurology of Therapsida (Synapsida) and the Evolution of soft tissue traits in the mammalian ancestry Dr. Julien BENOIT
Paper 92: The gravity derived Moho depth of Botswana and its implication in the recent geodynamic activities Mr. Chikondi Chisenga
Paper 93: Integrating Magnetic and Gravity for mapping the Earth Structure using color scheme: a case study of Botswana Mr. Chikondi Chisenga Miss Tamara Faith Kamanga
Paper 94: Seismicity Induced by Mine Flooding Dr. Artur Cichowicz
Paper 95: Stress field and natural fracture systems in Lower Paleozoic shale belt in Poland based on borehole images Dr. Birger Hansen
Paper 96: Field evidences of Gorkha Earthquakes of 25 April (7.8M) and Kodari 12 May 2015 (7.2M) in Nepal Prof. Arun Kumar
Paper 97: Delineation of low Order Palaeochannels of Lost river Saraswati in the Indian desert Prof. Kanhaiya Lal Shricastava
Paper 99: Coal quality estimation from routinely acquired geophysical logs Dr. Binzhong Zhou