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Information Services Related Programs

Many of AGI's programs are actively involved in its Information Services efforts.

AGI is a premier provider of comprehensive, reliable and timely geoscience information for geoscientists, public policymakers, educators, the public, industry, the media, and students.


GeoRef is the premier bibliographic database for the Earth Sciences. An indispensible tool for researchers and students alike, GeoRef lets you understand the entire historical record of research on any topic in the geosciences.

Online Databases

AGI hosts a number of both free and subscription-based online databases. GeoRef and its associated thematic databases such as AusGeoRef and CanGeoRef are available for subscription, while the GeoRef Previews Database freely allows a sneak peak at new articles that are working their way into GeoRef.

Glossary of Geology

The Glossary of Geology is the definitive reference for students and professionals in the geosciences. With over 40,000 terms and definition, the Glossary is built on the published geoscience literature to ensure that the definition is precise and accepted by the community. The Glossary of Geology, now in its revised Fifth Edition, is available in Print, ebook, and as an App for iOS.

EARTH Magazine

EARTH Magazine is the flagship publication of the American Geosciences Institute. EARTH brings the latest news on Earth, Environment, and Energy in an easy-to-read format. Available both in paper and digital, EARTH Magazine keeps you on top, monthly, of the latest research and discoveries.

AGI Publications

AGI publishes a wide range of books on a number of geoscience topics. From our Environmental Awareness Series with its look at how the environment and geosciences intersect on various societal issues, to critical reference books like the Glossary of Geology and the Geoscience Handbook, AGI Publications help you to be a better geoscientist.

Environmental Awareness

One of the major applications of the geosciences today is in ensuring environmental stewardship and meeting society's needs. AGI has published a large portfolio of popular books on the issues of how the geosciences support the needs of environmental stewardship. From topics as diverse as water and metal mining, to geologic maps and remote sensing, the Environmental Awareness Series brings the most critical information to you in an easy to use format.