GeoRef Thesaurus Lists

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GeoRef Thesaurus Lists

These GeoRef lists provide information on the classification schemes used in GeoRef's controlled vocabulary. Most lists provide both an alphabetical and an hierarchical list for browsing. Search tips are also provided.

   List A     GeoRef Categories/Subjects covered

   List B     Age dating methods

   List C     Commodities

   List D     Chemical hierarchies, methods, and data terms

   List E     Geologic age (stratigraphic) terms

   List F     Fossils

   List G     Meteorites

   List H     Igneous rocks

   List I     Sedimentary rocks

   List J     Metamorphic rocks

   List K     Sedimentary structures

   List L     Minerals

   List M     Soils

   List N     Sediments

   List O     Geographic terms

   List P     Major terms

   List R     Rock units


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