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List G - Meteorites

List G-1  Meteorites - alphabetical list
List G-2  Meteorites - hierarchical list

General notes
These thesaurus lists, lists A-R, are used by GeoRef indexers for selecting index terms and by searchers for additional information not necessarily found in individual term records in the body of the Thesaurus. In most cases, an hierarchical list is given. In some cases, an alphabetical or other list is provided.

The notes under Searching attempt to guide the searcher in the use of the list. Searchers might also read the notes on Indexing for further clues but should be aware that these notes reflect current practice which in some cases differs from past practice. Further notes on specific terms are in the body of the Thesaurus and additional notes on searching are in the GeoRef Thesaurus, 11th edition Introduction section on searching beginning on page x. Information specific to searching and the individual list topics is included, e.g., a section including meteorites begins on page xii.

Under Indexing the current indexing practice is given. These notes should be read along with the instructions under the individual terms in the body of the Thesaurus.

Specific meteorites as well as meteorite groups are listed in the alphabetical list. Meteorites in this list are marked with an asterisk (*) where the autoposting is incomplete. The hierarchical list gives the classification scheme used for specific meteorites.
For an individual fall or find, the specific name and its classification are used. For a meteorite group such as Allan Hills Meteorites, specific terms are not used unless a specific meteorite is discussed. For a specific member of a meteorite group, the group name and the specific name with the most specific classification  according to the scheme will be provided as available, e.g. ALHA 78019 and ureilite and Allan Hills Meteorites.

Geographic locations are not used with meteorites except where terrestrial processes or materials such as ice fields or weathering are discussed. An exception is the term Antarctica which is used with all meteorites and meteorite groups found there. Meteorites known to be from the Moon or Mars are used with those bodies where the discussion is about the Moon or Mars.

To search for meteorites, use the specific term such as Allende Meteorite or the general term meteorites. To search records before 1981, also search the name, such as Allende and meteorites.

Index the most specific meteorite name and the specific classification where it is not provided. If it is a numbered member of a group, index the group name as well as the specific name and specific classification.

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