35th IGC Symposia

35th International Geological Congress Symposia

Paper Number Titlesort descending Presenting Author Session Abstract
3034 Application of Bi-dimensional empirical mode decomposition (BEMD) modeling for extracting gravity anomaly indicating the ore-controlling geological architectures and granites in the Gejiu tin-copper polymetallic ore field, Southwestern China Dr. Yongqing Chen T16.11 - Advanced Quantitative Studies and Non Linear Methods in Geosciences PDF icon 3034.pdf
2211 Application of cleat orientation data from field mapping as critical input for modelling in-situ stress orientation around Coal Bed Methane target area in Jharia Coal Basin, India Dr. Suman Paul T19.3 - Coal PDF icon 2211.pdf
3097 Application of computer data processing and image analysis in studies of pore space in the Pennsylvanian sandstones from Western Pomerania Dr. Aleksandra Kozlowska T23.14 - Applied Mineralogy and Geometallurgy: Technology PDF icon 3097.pdf
74 Application of fractal modelling for integration of data layers in GIS, Case study: Sharafabad-Hizehjan area (NW Iran) Dr. Peyman Afzal T7.15 - Geoscience Data and Information Systems PDF icon 74.pdf
2998 Application of Fuzzy Set Theory to Landslide hazard zonation mapping in Limbe (Cameroon) Dr. Lawrence Diko Makia T8.9 - Subaerial and submarine landslide processes and hazards PDF icon 2998.pdf
3317 APPLICATION OF GEO-EDUCATION METHODS ON EGYPTIAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS Dr. Kholoud Abdel Maksoud T2.9 - Geoscience Education at school level PDF icon 3317.pdf
841 Application of geospatial technologies in Lineament analysis for mineral prognostication- A Case Study-- Ramagiri schist belt and surrounding areas of Eastern Dharwar Craton Mrs. Gauri Motghare T16.12 - Mineral Economics for Geologists PDF icon 841.pdf
493 Application of High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy in Rift Lacustrine Basin – A Case Study of Shahejie Formation, Paleogene, Gaoliu Area, Northeast Bohai Bay Basin, China Mr. Xue Song Fan T20.7 - Petroleum Systems of Eurasia PDF icon 493.pdf
2426 Application of highly-accurate magnetic survey for searching mineral deposits in shelf area. Dr. Vasily Palamarchuk T17.8 - New theories and methods in resources exploration PDF icon 2426.pdf
4339 Application of in situ SHRIMP U–Pb geochronology to orogenic gold exploration Ms. Imogen Fielding T17.9 - New theories and methods in resources exploration PDF icon 4339.pdf
565 Application of Lead Isotopic Ratios and Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Source Apportionment with a Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in the Street Dust Of Kolkata, India Mr. AVIJIT DAS T14.13 - Environmental Geosciences PDF icon 565.pdf
447 Application of Microtremors to Identify Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Dr. Bahram Habibnia T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 447.pdf
3495 Application of Multispectral Image Landsat OLI and ASTER for Detection of Gold Mineralization in Macossa District – Mozambique Mr. Félix Arnaldo Cumbane T9.P3 - Proximal and Remote Sensing Technologies PDF icon 3495.pdf
496 Application of Multithematic GIS Modelling techniques for Mineral potential mapping along the Khodana-Narnaul area as a part of the North-East extension of Khetri Copper Belt. Mrs. Moumita Mitra Sinha Mrs. Babita Yadav T7.P3 - Geoscience Data and Information Systems PDF icon 496.pdf
3747 Application of Partial Least Squares Methods in Identifying integrated Geochemical Anomalies using stream sediment data in Northwestern Hunan, China Mrs. Kun Wang T7.15 - Geoscience Data and Information Systems PDF icon 3747.pdf
2185 Application of Pyrite Trace Element Chemistry using LA-ICP-MS in exploration for stratiform Zn-Pb deposits: An example from the McArthur Basin, Australia Ms. Indrani Mukherjee T18.9a - Trace element analysis of minerals: applications in ore geology (Sponsored by IAGOD) PDF icon 2185.pdf
2467 Application of remote sensing and GIS to near-surface aquifer mapping for landslide susceptibility assessment: a case study in in Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam Dr. Le Quoc Hung T9.16 - Proximal and Remote Sensing Technologies PDF icon 2467.pdf
4457 Application of remote sensing in surveying for REE-rich carbonatites in Tamil Nadu (Southern India) Mr Petr Mixa T9.P4 - Proximal and Remote Sensing Technologies PDF icon 4457.pdf
4178 Application of the crystals habits cavities forms of Cu-Co sulfides in green field exploration along the Lufilian arc: An example of Tenke Fungurume Mining District (Democratic Republic of Congo) Ms. Pascal Matanda Mambwe T17.P3 - Mineral Exploration PDF icon 4178.pdf
1084 Application of the pattern recognition technique to locate subsurface magnetic anomaly Mr. John Stephen Kayode T17.11 - Quantitative geoscience data analysis for mineral exploration targeting PDF icon 1084.pdf
4204 Application of “CRUST-1” Continental Scientific Drilling Rig in CCSD-SK-2 Scientific Drilling Engineering Prof. Youhong Sun T31.16 - Deep Imaging of the Crust and Lithosphere beneath the Continent and its geodynamics PDF icon 4204.pdf
2086 Applications of hyperspectral sensing in oil sands mining operations Dr. Benoit Rivard T9.10 - Geological Mapping & Mineral Exploration: Case studies from Africa / Spectral Geology in Exploration (minerals, hydrocarbon, geothermal) and Production PDF icon 2086.pdf
1343 Applications of scanning electron microscopy in Mineral Nanomaterials Dr. Li Chen T45.8 - Instrumental, experimental and laboratory-based developments in the Geosciences PDF icon 1343.pdf
5556 Applied mineralogy for the responsible utilisation of natural resources Dr. Deshenthree Chetty T23.11 - Applied Mineralogy and Geometallurgy / Strategic & Base Metals & Industrial Minerals PDF icon 5556.pdf
2728 Applying urban-scale 3D subsurface modeling to sustainably manage the underground assets of Rotterdam (NL) Dr. Jeroen Schokker T15.8 - Sustainable use of the subsurface: the geology, engineering and environment of our underground asset PDF icon 2728.pdf
3519 Approaching Subsurface to Assess Lignite Deposits by Gravity Survey in Bikaner District, Rajasthan, India Dr. Kashi Nath Singh Yadav T17.P3 - Mineral Exploration PDF icon 3519.pdf
2709 Appropriate investigation of dolomitic areas Mr. Tony A'Bear T15.14 - Karst problems - identification and remediation PDF icon 2709.pdf
2838 Ar/Ar ages from the Shergol blueschist unit, Indus suture zone, Ladakh: preservation of early stages of subduction of the Neotethys Dr. Johann Genser T30.3 - Geology and Tectonics Of the Himalayan Orogenic Belt PDF icon 2838.pdf
5364 Ar40/Ar39 data from Sverdrupfjella and Kirwanweggan, Maud Province, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: possible implications for Gondwana amalgamation. Dr. Geoffrey Grantham T41.P5 - Arctic and Antarctic Geoscience PDF icon 5364.pdf
563 Arab-Islamic scientific heritage, an early episode in the history of volcanology. Mr. Khallaf EL GHALBI T10.6 - General contributuions on the history of geology PDF icon 563.pdf
3759 Archaean Gold on the Kaapvaal Craton of South Africa with Special Reference to the Barberton Greenstone Belt Mr. Trevor Pearton T18.12 - Major Mineral Deposits of Africa (sponsored by Vale) PDF icon 3759.pdf
3807 Archaean volcano-sedimentary cyclicity in komatiite flow sequences at Schapenburg, Barberton Mountain Land, South Africa Prof. Carl Anhaeusser T32.15 - Crust formation and recycling from the Hadean to the late Archaean: The transition to plate tectonics / The Barberton drilling project PDF icon 3807.pdf
5065 Archaeological and geological markers reveal the time span and formation rates of the central coastal cliffs of Israel Dr. Ehud Galili T14.6 - Coastal Studies PDF icon 5065.pdf
4326 Archean Hot Subduction: Evidences from the Complexes in the Area of Northwest Hebei, China Dr. Yongshun Liu T38.15 - HP-UHP metamorphism and tectonic evolution of orogenic belts PDF icon 4326.pdf
822 Archean life on land Dr. Gregory Retallack T32.17 - Early Earth Mineral Systems / Evolution of Archaean cratonic cover successions PDF icon 822.pdf
290 Archean magmatism and crustal evolution in the northern Tarim Craton: insights from zircon U-Pb-Hf-O isotopes and geochemistry of ~2.7 Ga orthogneiss and amphibolite in the Korla Complex Dr. Rongfeng Ge T32.14 - Crust formation and recycling from the Hadean to the late Archaean: The transition to plate tectonics PDF icon 290.pdf
3493 Archean metamorphism and geodynamics: from episodic and local to continuous and global subduction and mobile-lid plate tectonics Dr. Tim Johnson T38.3 - Metamorphic processes in early Earth evolution PDF icon 3493.pdf
2510 Archean Oceanic Crust and Boninitic Magmatism in the Norwegian Craton: Geochemical Affinities and Preliminary Geodynamic Interpretations Dr. Pavel Kepezhinskas T30.P3 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 2510.pdf
1744 Archean to Paleoproterozoic crustal evolution of Ordos block basement, North China Craton: evidence from detrital zircon U–Pb age and Hf-isotopes of Mesoproterozoic sandstones Prof. Chengli Zhang T32.P4 - The Hadean and Archaean Earth PDF icon 1744.pdf
5138 Archean volcano-sedimentary sequences in the Chitradurga schist belt, Dharwar craton, southern India Dr. Madhusoodhan Satish-Kumar T32.15 - Crust formation and recycling from the Hadean to the late Archaean: The transition to plate tectonics / The Barberton drilling project PDF icon 5138.pdf
4440 Architecture of lavas from Deccan Volcanic Province, India and its implications Dr. Vivek Kale T46.16 - Volcanic landforms and sedimentary processes / Open session PDF icon 4440.pdf
4775 Are the Alps an alpine-type orogeny? A multi-disciplinary mapping project Prof. Romain Bousquet T7.3 - CGMW: International Geoscience Maps in the 21st Century PDF icon 4775.pdf
2915 Are you related to a cabbage: A pragmatic approach to teaching evolution in the classroom and dealing with fundamentalist religious beliefs. Dr. Ian McKay T2.12 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 2915.pdf
2582 Argon ages of muscovite from the Cape Fold Belt, South Africa and their implications for understanding the Cape Fold Belt - Karoo Basin system Mr. Jeroen Hansma T34.3 - African Geochronology PDF icon 2582.pdf
783 Armoring effect of limestone in acid mine drainage: Static immersion experiments Prof. Liangqi Lei T14.5 - Environmental Aspects in the Mining Industry PDF icon 783.pdf
3366 Art museums. A perfect context for outreach activities on stones Dr. Lola Pereira T15.P2 - Engineering Geology and Geomechanics PDF icon 3366.pdf
3635 Artificial neural network based geohazard potential mapping for sustainable land use planning: approaches and examples from Germany and Namibia Israel Hasheela T8.6a - Challenges in Identifying and Characterising Seismogenic Faults in Non-Plate Boundary Settings / Geohazards and societal benefits: coping with reality PDF icon 3635.pdf
805 Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining and related mercury usage in India Dr. Mihir Deb T14.4 - Environmental Aspects in the Mining Industry PDF icon 805.pdf
1730 ASEAN Mineral Database and Information System (AMDIS) Dr. Yasukuni Okubo T7.11 - Information Management - Interoperability and Standards PDF icon 1730.pdf
2371 Assemblages and pathways of mineral magnetic and geochemical transformations in Laterites, Paleosols and Red boles from tropical Indian conditions Dr. Satish Sangode Dr V Kumaravel Dr Dhananjay Meshram T4.P2 - Climate Change Studies PDF icon 2371.pdf