AGI and MSA Announce Minerals Day Coming Up October 12

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ALEXANDRIA and CHANTILLY, Va. — The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) and the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) are pleased to announce the launch of Minerals Day, taking place on Monday, October 12, 2020, during this year's Earth Science Week celebration.

Minerals Day is being organized to raise awareness of and appreciation for minerals among the general public as well as students and teachers of all ages and at all levels.
Earth Science Week 2020 — which celebrates the theme of "Earth Materials in Our Lives" with a host of educational resources and activities focusing on the role of raw materials in the lives of individuals and in society — provides an ideal opportunity to launch Minerals Day as part of this international celebration of the geosciences. Each year, Earth Science Week reaches millions of people worldwide with information, activities, and opportunities promoting geoscience understanding and responsible stewardship of the planet.
AGI and MSA currently are developing materials, organizing outreach, and collaborating with geoscience partners in government agencies, professional associations, private corporations, and other groups — such as museums, libraries, and rock and mineral clubs, to name just a few — to gear up for the October 12 premiere of Minerals Day.
"Minerals are essential to the world in which we live, as well as our understanding of geoscience," said AGI Interim Executive Director Sharon Tahirkheli. "By working together, AGI and MSA hope to reach a broad community of students, teachers, and partners and inspire interest in minerals and the role they play in our lives."
"Minerals Day activities will celebrate the beauty of minerals and highlight their uses in a wide range of products and technologies," added MSA President Carol Frost. "Minerals Day will also promote the many different careers that are available to experts in mineralogy."
At a time when families and educators alike are seeking new ways of providing young people with the education tools they need to succeed, AGI and MSA are proud to join forces through Minerals Day in rallying the minerals, mining, and mineralogical studies communities to help meet this challenge. In the coming weeks, look for a growing collection of Minerals Day information and resources on the new Minerals Day page.
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