AGI, the home of American Geosciences

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AGI, the home of American Geosciences


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Alexandria, Va. – The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) proudly announces that it has begun to use the domain name to better reflect both its heritage and changes in the science in recent decades.  While the outcomes of how geoscience is used throughout the U.S. vary, there are over a quarter million scientists employing the skills obtained during a geoscience degree program guiding U.S. energy production, resource development, environmental management, hazard mitigation and education elements within  the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) arena.

The adoption of the new domain name is another facet of an effort by AGI to represent all of the geosciences including changing its name from the American Geological Institute to the American Geosciences Institute in 2012 and launching the “I’m a Geoscientist” campaign in 2013 which has helped develop a broad identity for Earth scientists in the public, and has reached thousands of geoscience professionals and students via the geoscience meetings hosted by AGI member organizations and through direct outreach to geoscience departments.

As part of this new roll out, AGI relaunched its website at and includes access to the many resources AGI and its member organizations produce. Scientists and the public can quickly access information on AGI’s federal-level geoscience policy program and the associated “Center for Critical Issues,” Education Program products including “Earth Science Week” and its curricular materials, background on the largest database of geoscience references in GeoRef,  data reports on the geoscience workforce including Geoscience Currents, and materials on careers in the geosciences. There is a comprehensive list of the member organizations in the AGI Federation, with links to each society’s website, and the leaders who represent them to AGI.


The American Geosciences Institute is a nonprofit federation of 50 geoscientific and professional associations that represents more than 250,000 geologists, geophysicists and other earth scientists. Founded in 1948, AGI provides information services to geoscientists, serves as a voice of shared interests in the profession, plays a major role in strengthening geoscience education, and strives to increase public awareness of the vital role the geosciences play in society's use of resources, resiliency to natural hazards, and interaction with the environment.

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