AGI Releases Directory of Geoscience Departments, 58th Edition

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Alexandria, VA — Introducing the updated 2023 Directory of Geoscience Departments (DGD), now conveniently available both direct from the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) and Amazon.
The DGD is compiles information about geoscience departments and researchers around the world. For those who work in or interact with professionals in the fields of Earth and environmental sciences, this directory offers a useful and handy resource.
In this edition, you'll find a well-organized listing nearly 2,000 geoscience departments and institutes from across the globe. It also includes contact information for more than 18,000 faculty and staff members, alongside details on department enrollments, faculty specialties, and their highest degrees.
In addition to these, the directory provides an overview of U.S. and Canadian geoscience theses and dissertations from 2020, as reported to GeoRef. It helps you identify faculty members based on their research specialties, presents information on programs and certificates offered by different departments, and outlines available online courses.
The DGD is priced at $59.95, with a discounted rate of $47.96 for members of AGI member societies when purchased direct through AGI. Secure your copy now by clicking here to purchase from AGI or visit The ISBN for the directory is 978-0922152674.
For further information, bulk orders, or special shipping requests, please contact AGI Publications at The 2023 DGD is your comprehensive guide to the geosciences community.

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