Earth Science Week 2016 Toolkits - Order Today!

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Earth Science Week 2016 Toolkits - Order Today!
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Alexandria, Va. - The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is now accepting advance orders for the Earth Science Week 2016 Toolkit. The Toolkit contains educational materials for all ages that correspond to this year's event theme, "Our Shared Geoheritage."

Materials include the traditional program poster and school-year activity calendar, as well as a DVD, posters, activities, and other resources from distinguished program partners. This year's Toolkit provides students with the opportunity to learn about the many ways that science helps us understand, appreciate, and make the most of our geoscience heritage, or, as it is commonly known worldwide, "geoheritage."

Earth Science Week (October 9-15, 2016) is an annual event that has been led by AGI along with its sponsors and the greater geoscience community since 1998. Each year, community groups, educators, and interested citizens organize celebratory events across the country to educate the public. Activities allow participants to discover the Earth sciences and engage in responsible stewardship of the planet.

Earth Science Week is supported by the U.S. Geological Survey; the AAPG Foundation; NASA; the National Park Service; Esri; ExxonMobil; AmericaView; the American Geophysical Union; the Geological Society of America; the Association of American State Geologists; the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration; Howard Hughes Medical Institute; the Archaeological Institute of America; and others.

The Toolkit will ship starting in August 2016. For ordering, special shipping, bulk orders, and more information, visit or phone AGI Publications at 703-379-2480.


Earth Science Week 2016 will be celebrated October 9-15. To learn more, please visit To order your Toolkits, please visit You may also call AGI Publications to place your order at 703-379-2480.


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