Vicki S. McConnell, Executive Director of Geological Society of America, Honored for Service to AGI

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is pleased to recognize Dr. Vicki S. McConnell, Executive Director of the Geological Society of America (GSA), as the 2019 recipient of the William B. Heroy Jr. Award for Distinguished Service to AGI.

Dr. McConnell's contributions to AGI span several years strengthening collaborative ties between AGI and GSA.  Recognized as a strong leader within the allied society framework, she has served on several AGI committees, including the Harriet Wallace Scholarship Awards Committee, the Ian Campbell Medal Committee, the Earth Science Week Advisory Group, and an AGI search committees.

As GSA's Executive Director since 2015, Dr. McConnell has worked to raise awareness of the importance of geoscience society membership to the key demographic of younger members and students. She has continuously co-hosted Joint AGI/GSA Societies Meetings, a practice begun in 2011. Dr. McConnell also has set clear priorities for GSA and dealt effectively with the implementation of GSA's open access publication strategy, a publication concern affecting all geoscience societies and science publishers.

"Vicki's advice and ongoing counsel has been immensely helpful to me during my time in AGI leadership," said AGI Executive Director Allyson Anderson Book. "I've appreciated Vicki's valuable insight in dealing with a range of AGI operational issues, as well as her insight to broader geoscience community issues. Vicki continues to strengthen the collaborative ties between AGI and GSA by facilitating discussion between our education, policy, workforce, and additional teams."

"I am honored and touched by the recognition," said Dr. McConnell. "I strive to serve our geoscience community and that effort can take many directions. I personally support the AGI mission and directions and feel our community needs the cohesion AGI brings. It is very rewarding to be recognized from AGI."

Prior to becoming GSA Executive Director, Dr. McConnell was State Geologist of Oregon. She not only effectively led that survey in the areas of public outreach, natural hazards, and geologic mapping, but also served as an AGI friend among the Association of American State Geologists and served as that AGI Member Society's President from 2011 to 2012.

"Being recognized by your peers is always rewarding," McConnell added. "It is also a gentle reminder to all of us to remember to nominate those around you that you feel are deserving. I have to say that even had I not been chosen, just knowing my colleagues took the time to nominate me is such an honor."

The award is named after William B. Heroy Jr.'s exemplary service to the American Geosciences Institute. Heroy's professional accomplishments were exceeded only by his love of geology and his commendable modesty in the face of such achievements.

AGI directly, or in cooperation with its member societies, makes a number of awards each year to recognize particular excellence in the geosciences.  In addition, AGI works with its member societies to foster nominations of deserving geoscientists for consideration in a number of National Science Awards.  To learn more about AGI awards, go to

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