Congressional and District Visits Days

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Interested in sharing the value of science with federal and/or local lawmakers to inform public policy decisions? Read more about the Geosciences Congressional Visits Days (Geo-CVD) – a two-day event which brings scientists, engineers, educators, and technology professionals to Washington D.C. to discuss the importance of your work. You can also use our resources as a guide while you prepare to visit your representatives at home for the Geosciences District Visits Days (Geo-DVD).

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Geosciences Congressional Visits Days

GEO-CVD 2016 participants meeting with Senator Cory Gardner from Colorado. (from left) Senator Cory Gardner(R-Colo.); Sparkle Malone of the U.S. Forest Service; Dave Ellerbroek of AECOM; Kendra Johnson and Rob Anthony (Image credit: AGI)

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI), in collaboration with other science societies, invites members of the geoscience community from across the nation to come to Washington D.C. for the annual Geosciences Congressional Visits Days (Geo-CVD) in September.

Geo-CVD is a great opportunity to gain exposure to the federal legislative process, and provide lawmakers with valuable information to inform policy decisions. Join us for this two-day event uniting geoscience researchers, professionals, students, educators, engineers, and executives to raise visibility and support for the geosciences!

A constructive visit from citizen geoscientists about the importance and value of geoscience, and geoscience-related engineering, research and education is the most effective way to inform and impact federal science policy.

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Geosciences District Visits Days

The Washington State Capitol Legislative Building in Olympia, Washington.

Meet with your representative while they are at home in your district during the Geosciences District Visits Days (Geo-DVD), or make an appointment with their district office staff at any time throughout the year!

You can serve as a resource to Congress and show the relevance of geoscience to key societal issues and economic growth. From applied earth science practices such as unlocking the energy mix to preparing for natural hazards to ensuring clean water supplies, your participation in Geo-DVD will help convey the importance of geoscience research and education to lawmakers.

You can arrange a meeting yourself by finding your representative's contact information on their website, or contact any of the geoscience societies for help with scheduling meetings with Members of Congress.

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