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Coastal hazards webinar flyer. Image Credit: C. Hegermiller, USGS
Register now for this upcoming Critical Issues Webinar! July 6, 2017 at 1:30pm EDT. 90 minutes.   This special 1.5 hour-long AGI Critical Issues webinar will focus on efforts to anticipate, mitigate, and respond to coastal storms, erosion, and associated hazards at the federal, state, and local level. Speakers from California, Texas, and Georgia will discuss the impacts of coastal storms and erosion, tools used for coastal hazard mitigation planning in their regions, and examples of community engagement and...
Welcome to June! Here’s what’s new from the Critical Issues Program: Our next Critical Issues webinar, “Planning for Coastal Storm & Erosion Hazards”, will take place on Thursday July 6th, 1:30pm EDT/10:30am PDT. This 1.5-hour webinar will focus on efforts to anticipate, mitigate, and respond to coastal storms, erosion, and associated hazards at the federal, state, and local level. Three case studies from around the U.S. will be featured as examples of how coastal hazard planning can evolve over time, with a focus on...
Welcome to May! Here’s what’s new from the Critical Issues Program: On April 14th we held our most recent webinar, “State Responses to Induced Earthquakes,” showcasing the steps that Oklahoma, Texas, and Ohio have been taking to monitor and reduce earthquakes triggered by oil and gas operations. We were lucky to have three great speakers: Jeremy Boak (Oklahoma Geological Survey), Michael Young (Texas...
March for Science logo
At the most recent AGI Member Society Council meeting in Houston, we discussed many topics of interest to our community, including the upcoming March for Science, which will be held on April 22, 2017. To embrace our role as a respected, nonpartisan source of information that reflects the breadth and depth of the geosciences, we are not taking a position on the March. In a formal statement, our Executive Director, Ms. Allyson Anderson Book, emphasized our commitment to brokering “open, respectful communication...
Welcome to April! Here’s what’s new from the Critical Issues Program: We have begun publishing a new suite of information products: case studies and factsheets on specific issues at the interface of geoscience and society. Our first factsheet, on groundwater use in the United States, is now live on our website. We will continue to produce and publish these throughout 2017, so if you have any comments, suggestions, or...
Gifford Wong photo
Looking for science storytelling in DC? Free next Thursday night? The Story Collider is hosting a storytelling event featuring our 2015-16 Fisher Congressional Fellow Gifford Wong! Wong received his Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from Dartmouth College, and he now works for the U.S. State Department as a Science & Technology Policy Fellow for the...
Screenshot of the KGS injection and disposal wells interactive map
Today's Map of the Day from the Critical Issues resource platform is an interactive map of disposal and injection wells in Kentucky from the Kentucky Geological Survey. Follow AGI's Critical Issues Program on Twitter to get your daily map! 
U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) map of groundwater depletion
It's Groundwater Awareness Week 2017 (#GWAwarenessWeek if you're on twitter)! Today's Critical Issues Map of the Day from the USGS and shows the cumulative depletion of groundwater for 40 aquifer systems across the U.S (excluding Alaska). The map depicts depletion over the time period of 1900 to 2008 and is measured in cubic kilometers. 
Map of the Day: Below-Normal Streamflow in the U.S.
While it's been a wet winter for California, there are many places in the Eastern U.S. that experiencing below normal streamflow. Today's "Map of the Day" is from the U.S. Geological Survey WaterWatch program. The map identifies drought conditions ranging from extreme hydrological droughts to below normal streamflow conditions across the entire U.S. Follow Critical Issues on Twitter for daily maps, free...
Welcome to March! Here’s what’s new from the Critical Issues Program: On February 8th we held our most recent webinar, “Assessing, Mitigating, and Communicating Flood Risk,” showcasing efforts and resources on federal, state, and local levels, including case studies from South Carolina and Colorado. Thank you to the almost 800 people who registered and more than 500 who attended, and to our superb speakers Marie Peppler (U.S. Geological Survey), Maria Cox Lamm (SC Department of...