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Alberta Geological Survey Contact Information

Building on over 95 years of history, the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) provides geological information and advice about the geology of Alberta to the Government of Alberta, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), industry, and the public to support the exploration, sustainable development, regulation, and conservation of Alberta's resources.

AGS is the official provincial geological survey of Alberta. It operates under the guiding principles of the Canada Intergovernmental Geoscience Accord, which identifies the provincial survey as being the principal steward, resident authority, and principal investigator for public geoscience. AGS is responsible for describing the geology and resources in the province and provides information and knowledge to help resolve land use, environmental, public health, and safety issues related to geosciences.

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Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Contact Information

The mission of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is to protect and enhance public health and the environment in Arizona. To achieve this, they administer the state’s environmental laws and delegated federal programs to prevent air, water and land pollution and ensure cleanup.

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Arizona Department of Water Resources Contact Information
The Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) was created to secure long-term dependable water supplies for Arizona's communities. The Department administers and enforces Arizona’s groundwater code, and surface water rights laws (except those related to water quality); negotiates with external political entities to protect Arizona's Colorado River water supply; oversees the use of surface and groundwater resources under state jurisdiction; and represents Arizona in discussions of water rights with the federal government. In addition, the Department explores methods of augmenting water supplies to meet future demands, and develops policies that promote conservation and equitable distribution of water. The Department also inspects dams and participates in flood control planning to prevent property damage, personal injury, and loss of life. In support of these activities, ADWR collects and analyzes data on water levels and on water-quality characteristics.  Other responsibilities include management of floodplains and non-federal dams to reduce loss of life and damage to property.
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Arizona Division of Emergency Management Contact Information

The Arizona Division of Emergency Management (within the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs) coordinates the State of Arizona’s emergency preparedness, response and recovery efforts in order to reduce the impact of emergencies and disaster on people and property in the Whole Community.

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Arizona Geological Survey Contact Information

The mission of the Arizona Geological Survey is to serve as a primary source of geologic information in the state to enhance public understanding of the state's geologic character, geologic hazards and limitations and mineral resources.

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Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
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Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Contact Information

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) is the state's main environmental protection agency, charged with protecting, enhancing, and restoring the environment for Arkansans.

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Arkansas Energy Office

The mission of the Arkansas Energy Office is to promote energy efficiency, clean technology and sustainable strategies that encourage economic development, energy security and the environmental well-being for all citizens of Arkansas.

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Arkansas Geological Survey Contact Information

The mission of the Arkansas Geological Survey is to serve the people of Arkansas by providing geological information in order to develop and enable effective management of the State’s mineral, fossil fuel and water resources while protecting the environment.

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Arkansas Natural Resources Commission Contact Information

The Arkansas Natural Resources Commission establishes policy and makes funding and regulatory decisions relative to soil conservation, nutrient management, water rights, dam safety and water resources planning and development.

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