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Michigan Office of the Great Lakes Contact Information
The Office of the Great Lakes was created by the Michigan Legislature in 1985 under the Great Lakes Protection Act. It presently houses the Areas of Concern Program, Coastal Management Program, and the Great Lakes Coordination Program. The Michigan Office of the Great Lakes is a leader in Great Lakes policy development and strategic program implementation to protect, restore, and sustain the Great Lakes watershed. The OGL collaborates with partner organizations to support sustainable use of coastal resources, coordinate restoration of severely degraded areas, manage water quality and quantity, prevent aquatic invasive species, and engage in emerging policy issues. The OGL provides advice and assistance to the Governor’s Office and other state offices.
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Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division,4643,7-123-72297_60152_66814---,00.html Contact Information

The Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSP/EMHSD) is responsible for coordinating state and federal resources to assist local government in response and relief activities in the event of an emergency or disaster. The division also coordinates homeland security initiatives and various federal grants.

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Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources Contact Information

The BWSR mission is to improve and protect Minnesota's water and soil resources by working in partnership with local organizations and private landowners. Core functions include implementing the state's soil and water conservation policy, comprehensive local water management, and the Wetland Conservation Act as it relates to the 41.7 million acres of private land in Minnesota

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Minnesota Department of Commerce Contact Information

The mission of the Minnesota Department of Commerce is to protect the public interest, advocate for Minnesota consumers, ensure a strong, competitive and fair marketplace, strengthen the state’s economic future; and serve as a trusted public resource for consumers and businesses.

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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Contact Information

The mission of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is to work with citizens to conserve and manage the state's natural resources, to provide outdoor recreation opportunities, and to provide for commercial uses of natural resources in a way that creates a sustainable quality of life.

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Minnesota Environmental Quality Board Contact Information

The Environmental Quality Board is made up of 9 agency heads and 8 citizen members.  In addition to other duties, they provide leadership and coordination across agencies on priority environmental issues that are multi-jurisdictional, and multi-dimensional, as well as provide for opportunities for public access and engagement.

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Minnesota Geological Survey Contact Information

The MGS serves the people of Minnesota by providing systematic geoscience information to support stewardship of water, land, and mineral resources.

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Minnesota Geospatial Information Office Contact Information

The Geospatial Commons is a one-stop catalog for Minnesota featuring open data which can be added to maps and research projects. Easily searched or browsed by contributing organization or theme, the Commons is steadily adding new resources.

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Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management Contact Information
The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management helps Minnesotans prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters and works to keep Minnesota secure from acts of terrorism.
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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Contact Information

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) monitors environmental quality, offers technical and financial assistance, and enforces environmental regulations. The agency finds and cleans up spills or leaks that can affect public health and the environment. Staff develop statewide policy, and support environmental education.

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