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South Carolina Geological Survey Contact Information

The mission of the Geological Survey of South Carolina is to provide reliable, unbiased scientific information to public and private decision-makers involved with land-use planning, environment, and economic development.

State geological survey south carolina
South Carolina State Climatology Office Contact Information

The South Carolina State Climatology Office strives to acquire, archive, process, and disseminate, in the most cost-effective way possible, all climate and weather information that is or could be of value to public officials, corporations, and private citizens in the state.

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South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources Contact Information

To protect public health and the environment by providing environmental monitoring and natural resource assessment, technical and financial assistance for environmental projects, and environmental regulatory services; all done with reduced red tape, expanded e-government functions, and exceptional customer service to promote a prosperous economy while protecting South Dakota's environment and natural resources for today and tomorrow.

State agency south dakota
South Dakota Geological Survey Contact Information

The mission of the Geological Survey Program is to perform scientific investigations that are designed to generate information on South Dakota's geologic and hydrologic resources. Fundamental aspects of those investigations are to include the collection, interpretation, and dissemination of geologic and hydrologic information leading to (1) a better understanding of the geology and hydrology of South Dakota, (2) better and easier use of the information by government, industry, and the public for decisions related to resource development and protection, (3) greater economic development, and (4) a better quality of life for South Dakota's citizens.

State geological survey south dakota
South Dakota Office of Emergency Management Contact Information

The purpose of the OEM is to protect South Dakotans and their property from the effects of natural, manmade, and technological disasters.

State agency south dakota
State of Nevada Division of Water Resources Contact Information

The mission of the Nevada Division of Water Resources (NDWR) is to conserve, protect, manage and enhance the State's water resources for Nevada's citizens through the appropriation and reallocation of the public waters. In addition, the Division is responsible for quantifying existing water rights; monitoring water use; distributing water in accordance with court decrees; reviewing water availability for new subdivisions and condominiums; reviewing the construction and operation of dams; appropriating geothermal water; licensing and regulating well drillers and water rights surveyors; reviewing flood control projects; monitoring water resource data and records; and providing technical assistance to the public and governmental agencies.

State agency nevada
State of Oklahoma Department of Mines Contact Information
The mission of the Oklahoma Department of Mines (ODM) is to protect the environment of the state, to protect the health and safety of the miners and to protect the life, health, and property of the citizens who are affected through enforcement of the state mining and reclamation laws. ODM is a regulatory authority empowered to execute, enforce, and implement provisions of state and federally mandated programs in the areas of health, safety, mining, and land reclamation practices associated with surface and sub-surface mining. Additionally, ODM is charged with enforcing the mining laws of the state, including the inspection of mines for hazardous conditions, paying special attention to working conditions, safe equipment operation, proper ventilation and elimination of other hazards affecting the life and health of miners.
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State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama

The State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama is a regulatory agency of the State of Alabama with the statutory charge of preventing waste and promoting the conservation of oil and gas while ensuring the protection of both the environment and the correlative rights of owners.

State agency alabama
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Contact Information

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation exists to enhance the quality of life for citizens of Tennessee and to be stewards of our natural environment by: protecting and improving the quality of Tennessee’s air, land, and water through a responsible regulatory system; protecting and promoting human health and safety; conserving and promoting natural, cultural and historic resources; and providing a variety of quality outdoor recreational experiences.

State agency tennessee
Tennessee Emergency Management Agency

TEMA's Mission is to coordinate preparedness, response, and recovery from man-made, natural, and technological hazards in a professional and efficient manner in concert with stakeholders.

State agency tennessee