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U.S. Permafrost Association
The purpose of the United States Permafrost Association (USPA) is to encourage scientific and engineering investigations in permafrost is related topics and to disseminate results related to permafrost research. The position of the USPA is to encourage sharing of knowledge and data in permafrost science.
U.S. Senate

Established by the Constitution as one chamber of the federal government’s legislative branch, the United States Senate is comprised of one hundred members—two senators from each of the 50 states—who serve six-year, overlapping terms. Senators, along with members of the House of Representatives, propose, author, and vote on federal legislation that touches upon all aspects of U.S. domestic and foreign policy. Senators provide advice and consent on executive nominations and treaties and conduct oversight of all branches of the federal government.

U.S. Congress
University of New Hampshire, Earth Systems Research Center

The University of New Hampshire's Earth Systems Research Center (ESRC) brings together ecologists, environmental chemists, Earth system modelers, and remote sensing scientists to study natural and human-induced changes in the Earth's water, carbon, and nitrogen metabolism.

College / University
Utah Department of Environmental Quality Contact Information

DEQ's mission is, "Safeguarding and improving Utah’s air, land and water through balanced regulation." We implement State and federal environmental laws and work with individuals, community groups, and businesses to protect the quality of our air, land and water.

State agency utah
Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining Contact Information

The mission of the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining is to regulate the exploration and development of coal, oil and gas, and other minerals in a manner which encourages responsible reclamation and development; protects correlative rights; prevents waste; and protects human health and safety, the environment, and the interests of the state and its citizens.

State agency utah
Utah Geological Survey Contact Information

The Utah Geological Survey provides timely scientific information about Utah's geologic environment, resources and hazards.

State geological survey utah
Vermont Center for Geographic Information Contact Information
The Vermont Center for Geographic Information, a division of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development (VCGI), will provide strategic governance and deliver high quality geospatial data, services, solutions, infrastructure and expertise using methods that are efficient and effective, client-focused, and consistent with our enabling legislation.
State agency vermont
Vermont Geological Survey Contact Information
The Vermont Geological Survey, also known as the Division of Geology and Mineral Resources in the Department of Environmental Conservation, conducts research and mapping relating to the geology, resources and topography of the State.
State geological survey vermont
Virginia Division of Geology and Mineral Resources Contact Information
The Division of Geology and Mineral Resources (DGMR) serves as Virginia's geological survey. DGMR performs investigations aimed at reducing risk from geologic hazards and encouraging sustainable development through the wise use of mineral, land, water, and energy resources.
State geological survey virginia
Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources Contact Information
The Washington DNR, of which DGER is a division, informs the public, government, and industry about the consequences of geologic events and about the nature of the land. DNR monitors, assesses, and researches the causes of earthquakes, landslides, and volcanoes--critical information for both government and private sector planners working to reduce the human and financial effects of natural disasters.
State geological survey washington