Bill introduced to help at-risk water systems

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March 16, 2017

Representative Scott Peters (D-CA-52) introduced the Secure and Resilient Water Systems Act (H.R.1579) on March 16. The bill would help communities protect their drinking water systems from drought, industrial pollution, and potential attacks.

The bill amends the Safe Drinking Water Act to direct assessments of community water systems for their vulnerabilities to these threats.

H.R.1579 authorizes $50 million annually for fiscal years (FY) 2017-2021 to establish a grant program through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would help communities address these threats. The EPA program would give priority to water systems at the greatest and most immediate risk. Systems that propose to use innovative approaches to promote more efficient water use or water recycling would also be given priority.

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce is reviewing the bill.

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