Federal Register Summary: February 2019

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Department of Energy (DOE)

Notice of Orders for Natural Gas Act

February 1, 2019 – DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy issued orders amending authorization to import and export natural gas and liquefied natural gas. This authority was granted in November 2018. [84 FR 1114]

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Proposed Rule for Amending the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Hydrochloric Acid

February 4, 2019 – EPA proposed amendments to its National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Hydrochloric Acid that address the startup, shutdown, and malfunction aspects of the rule, introduce electronic reporting, and reassess reporting and recordkeeping requirements. This proposed amendment follows a residual risks and technology review conducted as per the rules of the Clean Air Act. Comments must be received on or before March 21, 2019.  [84 FR 1570]

Hearing to Revise “Waters of the United States” Definition

February 7, 2019 – On February 27 and 28, 2019, EPA and the U.S Department of the Army will hold hearings on the proposed definition of “waters of the United States” to clarify the scope of waters federally regulated under the Clean Water Act. The hearing is public and will be held in Kansas City, Kansas. Those unable to attend the public hearing can submit comments online following the instructions provided in the notice. [84 FR 2483]

Publication of Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2017

February 12, 2019 – EPA announced its Draft Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2017 is available for public review. EPA requests comments by March 14, 2019, to ensure they are considered for the final version of the document. However, comments received after that date will still be welcomed and considered for the next edition of this report. [84 FR 3444]

Meeting of Board of Scientific Counselors Air and Energy Subcommittee

February 28, 2019 – The Board of Scientific Counselors Air and Energy Subcommittee is holding a conference call meeting on March 22, 2019. Attendees are asked to register for the meeting by March 21. [84 FR 6782]

Executive Office of the President

Creation of the United States Space Force

February 25, 2019 – President Donald Trump issued a memorandum declaring that a United States Space Force is established as a sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces within the Department of the Air Force. This Space Force will serve to train U.S military forces to operate in space. [84 FR 6049]

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Community Flood Insurance Eligibility Suspension Rule

February 1, 2019 – FEMA issued a rule identifying communities that are noncompliant with the National Flood Insurance Program requirements and suspending the sale of flood insurance in those areas. Communities may provide documentation of compliance in order to avoid suspension. [84 FR 978]

Flood Hazard Determination Changes

February 12, 2019 – FEMA issued a notice listing communities where base flood elevations, base flood depths, special flood hazard area boundaries or zone designations, or the regulatory floodway have been changed. [84 FR 3479]

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)          

Notice of Security Investments for Energy Infrastructure Technical Conference

February 12, 2019 – FERC and DOE will co-host a Security Investments for Energy Infrastructure Technical Conference on March 28, 2019. The purpose of this conference is to assess the role that cyber and physical security measures play in protecting energy infrastructure. [84 FR 3440]

Rule Requiring Authorization of Mergers or Consolidations by a Public Utility

February 28, 2019 – FERC issue a final rule requiring public utilities to seek authorization to merge or consolidate its facilities with those of another person or party. This rule will become effective March 27, 2019. [84 FR 6069]

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Notice of Meeting of the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel 

February 19, 2019 – The Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel will be holding a meeting on March 7, 2019, at the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida to discuss its program activities. The meeting is open to the public and is also available telephonically. [84 FR 4857]

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Fee Schedule for NOAA Environmental Data Access

February 11, 2019 – NOAA’s National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS) established a new fee schedule for special access to its data, information, and related products and services, effective March 13, 2019. [84 FR 3101]

National Park Service (NPS)

Comment Request for National Register of Historic Places

February 7, 2019 – NPS is requesting comments on the significance of properties nominated before December 22, 2018 for the National Register of Historic Places. The comment period ends on February 22, 2019. [84 FR 2565]

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Notice of Meeting on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering

February 5, 2019 – NSF announced a meeting of the Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering (CEOSE) to discuss broadening participation in the field on February 13, 2019. [84 FR 1800]

Notice of Meetings on Proposal Review

February 7, 2019 – NSF will be holding a series of proposal review meetings throughout the year to provide suggestions and advice to those interested in submitting proposals to NSF for financial support. The meeting will be closed to the public. [84 FR 2589]

Notice of Meetings of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee

February 11, 2019 – The Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee will hold two open meetings on February 25 and 26, 2019, in Alexandria, Virginia. The purpose of the meetings is to advise NSF, DOE, and NASA on astronomy and astrophysics-related issues. [84 FR 3257]

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Petition for Rulemaking for Enhancing Reactor Safety

February 6, 2019 – NRC denied a petition to create a rule requiring the agency to amend its regulations for nuclear facilities to assess and confirm seismic, flooding, and new hazards every ten years. NRC stated that it is addressing those issues using a different approach than the proposed rulemaking. [84 FR 2069]

Final Rule Adjusting Civil Penalties for Inflation for Fiscal Year 2019

February 7, 2019 – NRC is issuing a final rule to amend its maximum monetary penalties that can be assessed by statues enforced by the agency. This rule increases the maximum penalty amount for the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 and the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act. [84 FR 2433]