House passes Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act

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January 9, 2017

The House passed the “Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act” (H.R.353), on January 9. The bill directs the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to increase weather-related research, forecasting, and communication. Spurred on by the deadly tornadoes that impact Oklahoma, Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK-3) introduced this bill to address extreme weather events and prevent the loss of lives and property through NOAA research measures.

The bill calls for increased research, communication, and partnership creation with industry and academia. The bill also directs NOAA to enhance the agency’s basic weather research by focusing on weather-related observational systems, computing, and modeling capabilities.

H.R.353 prioritizes dissemination and public understanding of weather data and will increase NOAA’s internal communication and collaboration. The bill directs NOAA and the National Weather Service to exchange more information. This bill also requires NOAA to use commercial weather data for weather modeling, and to release NOAA computing infrastructure and prediction systems.

The Senate passed an amended version of H.R.353 on March 29 with unanimous consent. The House is currently resolving the difference caused by the Senate amendment. 


Last updated: 4/5/2017