Key Themes

Building a Sustainable Future

The materials used to build our communities and the energy resources that power our economy all come from the Earth. Responsible stewardship of these natural resources starts at home. As an organization dedicated to leadership in the Earth sciences, AGI recognizes this.

AGI’s commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of our current renovation. Sustainability is good for the bottom line, of course. It’s also a smart strategy to ensure that future generations have the resources they’ll need to survive and thrive.

Won’t you join us in our drive to become a truly sustainable organization? By contributing to the AGI Keystone Fund, you will help us achieve both LEED and EnergyStar certifications, verification of dramatically reduced energy and water consumption.

In fact, AGI’s renovation is expected to make it the first nonprofit to achieve both LEED and EnergyStar certifications in Alexandria, Virginia. That’s leadership in the community.

You can be a vital part of this critical effort. Help us reach these worthy goals by donating to the AGI Keystone Fund today.


Geoscientist working in a wetland.

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