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Rebecca L. Dodge

Dr. Rebecca L. Dodge, Professor Emeritus at Midwestern State University, is the 2020 recipient of the William B. Heroy Jr. Award for Distinguished Service to AGI. Dr. Dodge has longstanding environmental and educational ties to AGI and also co-authored one of AGI’s Environmental Awareness Series publications. In addition, she has been a member of AGI’s former Environment Geoscience Advisory Committee, where she represented the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).


Dr. Dodge specializes in the application of satellite imagery for resource exploration and for monitoring the effects of landcover change on Earth systems. This expertise made her an excellent lead author, with co-author Russell G. Congalton, of AGI's 2013 Environmental Awareness Series publication, Meeting Environmental Challenges with Remote Sensing Imagery. This graphics-intensive publication gave more than 20 examples of how remote sensing helped provide answers for a range of problems, such as assessments of hurricane damage or urban heat island effects.


Over the past several years Dr. Dodge also has contributed to AGI’s education mission through her co-teaching with AGI staff member Mark Carpenter of an online professional development course in Earth and Space Science. She designed this online course to address the needs of secondary science teachers who are asked to teach Earth science courses but who may have previous training only in other disciplines. To date, more than 150 teachers have benefited from this course.


Dr. Dodge earned her bachelor of science degree in geology from the University of Texas at Arlington and her master's and Ph.D. in geology from the Colorado School of Mines. In addition, she was honored by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in 2016 with an Honorary Member Award, reflecting more than 25 years of service to the petroleum industry in committee memberships and service as an officer in several geologic societies.

AGI Affiliation: 

William B. Heroy Jr. Award for Distinguished Service to AGI, 2020

AGI Publishes Living with Unstable Ground

Many ongoing natural processes and human activities can displace the ground under our homes and communities at considerable economic cost and human suffering. The best solutions to these unstable ground problems are based on awareness of where and how they occur. Living with Unstable Ground, written by Dr. Thomas L. Holzer of the U.S. Geological Survey, explains how soil types, slope movements, catastrophic collapses, and regional ground movement affect communities and how to mitigate these disruptive, dangerous, and costly problems.

4,000 AGI Environmental Awareness Series Books to be distributed to Alaskan Educators

The Alaska Mineral & Energy Resource Education Fund (AMEREF), a partnership between the Alaska Department of Education and private industry, has purchased 4,000 Environmental Awareness Series books published by the American Geological Institute (AGI) to be distributed to Alaskan educators as part of the Alaskan Resources Kits.

AGI Publishes Coal and the Environment

To highlight the importance of coal in our daily lives and the environmental concerns that are associated with its mining and use, the American Geological Institute (AGI) has published "Coal and the Environment" (ISBN 0-922152-77-2) as part of the Environmental Awareness Series. Produced in cooperation with the Illinois Basin Consortium, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Office of Surface Mining with additional support from the AGI Foundation and the U.S. Geological Survey, "Coal and the Environment" discusses the mining, processing, transportation, use, and environmental aspects associated with this important resource.

Water and the Environment

Safe and clean water is central to American life. We expect safe water from every faucet any time we want, and most economic activity relies on readily available and clean water. The American Geological Institute's (AGI) publication, Water and the Environment examines how science addresses many of the issues central to providing clean and safe water for society.

Petroleum and the Environment

With the price of oil over $50 a barrel and possibly increasing, the importance of energy in our daily lives has once again become evident. The recent run-up in oil prices combined with continued global instability in major oil-producing areas has highlighted America's dependency on oil. The American Geological Institute (AGI) has produced a guide, Petroleum and the Environment, that helps the public, educators and policy makers understand petroleum from its formation to its consumption, including the many environmental issues that develop along the way.
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