The Ridgecrest earthquakes: Torn ground, nested foreshocks, Garlock shocks, and Temblor’s forecast

A new image of the ground deformation, a rich and enigmatic foreshock sequence, aftershock trends we can explain, and others that are more elusive. This is also the time see how Temblor app’s hazard forecast for Ridgecrest fared.

Talk to Your Elected Officials! Communication and Public Policy for Paleontologists

Are you a paleontologist and you’ve wondered how to better communicate your science in a way that can affect public policy? If so, the 2019 North American Paleontological Convention in Riverside, California (June 23-27, 2019) had a workshop on just that topic. But if you weren’t able to attend either the meeting or the workshop, its main organizer – the 2016-2017 AGI/AAAS Science and Technology Policy Congressional Fellow, Dr.

ASLO Announces the 2019 Global Outreach Initiative Award Winners  

The Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 ASLO Global Outreach Initiative Awards. The ASLO Global Outreach Initiative provides mini-grants to ASLO members to conduct outreach projects in their own communities.

100 years of female Fellows: Lady Rachel Workman MacRobert

2019 marks 100 years since women were able to be elected as Fellows of the Geological Society, with the first eight elected in May 1919. They came from a diverse range of specialisms, backgrounds and experience – as part of our activities to mark the anniversary, we’re profiling each of them. We know more about … Continue reading

youth [streams]

youth [streams] . The first stage in the hypothetical development of a stream, at which it has just entered upon its work of erosion and is increasing in vigor and efficiency, being able everywhere to erode its channel and having not reached a graded condition. It is characterized by (1) an ability to carry a load greater than the load it is actually carrying; (2) active and rapid downcutting, forming a deep, narrow, V-shaped valley (gorge or canyon) with a steep and irregular gradient and rocky outcrops; (3) numerous waterfalls, rapids, and lakes; (4) a swift current and clear water; (5) a few short, straight tributaries; (6) an absence of floodplains as the stream occupies all or nearly all of the valley floor; and (7) an ungraded bed.


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