AGU Announces Locations for the 2022 and 2024 Fall Meetings

We are pleased to announce that AGU has selected the locations for our 2022 and 2024 Fall Meetings. The 2022 meeting will take place in Chicago, Ill., and the 2024 meeting will take place in Washington, D. C. This completes the plan for meeting locations through 2026.

San Francisco — 2019
San Francisco — 2020
New Orleans — 2021
Chicago — 2022
San Francisco — 2023
Washington, D. C. — 2024
New Orleans — 2025
San Francisco — 2026

Chicago and Washington, D. C., Meet the Needs of AGU and the Science We Advance


tectono-eustasy (tec'-ton-o-eu'-sta-sy). Worldwide change of sea level produced by a change in the capacity of the ocean basins owing to plate tectonic motions, e.g. sea-floor spreading, subduction. Term introduced by Fairbridge (1961, p.111). Cf: glacio-eustasy; sedimento-eustasy. Syn: diastrophic eustatism; tectono-eustatism.

blue hole

blue hole . (a) A subsurface void developed in carbonate banks and islands, also offshore. It is open to the Earth's surface; contains tidally influenced waters of fresh, marine, or mixed chemistry; extends below sea level for the majority of its depth; and may provide access to cave passages (Mylroie et al., 1995). Cf: inland blue hole; ocean hole. (b) An obsolete term for a resurgence.


deglaciation (de''-gla-ci-a'-tion). The uncovering of a land area from beneath a glacier or ice sheet by the withdrawal of ice due to shrinkage by melting or calving of icebergs. As used in Great Britain, the term is restricted to a process that occurred in the past, in contrast to deglacierization. Also, the result of deglaciation.


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