Accessing LOCA Downscaling Via OPeNDAP and the Geo Data Portal with R.


In this example, we will use the R programming language to access LOCA data via the OPeNDAP web service interface using the ncdf4 package then use the geoknife package to access LOCA data using the Geo Data Portal as a geoprocessing service. More examples like this can be found at the Geo Data Portal wiki.

Overview of the 35th International Geological Congress

35th IGC Logo
The 35th International Geological Congress was hosted last week in Cape Town South Africa and several AGI member organizations were involved hosting sessions, town halls and providing speakers. By far, the biggest story was the recommendation of the Working Group on the Anthropocene to formally designate the Anthropocene as an official geological epoch. This story was picked up globally by many news outlets including the Economist, Science Magazine, the Guardian, the BBC, and the Japan Times among many others. 


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