GSL: Cross Channel Invasion! Military Geology in 1940 and 1944

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If you're in London on the 29th of September, the Geological Society of London is hosting a ticketed event looking at the the role of German and British geologists during World War II. The talk will describe how geologists on opposing sides contributed to military planning and operations. GSL will also make some of its historical material on military geology, such as the maps used by the War Office, available to attendees. 

Introducing OWI Blogs!


Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Office of Water Information’s new blog. We are committed to advancing USGS science by integrating data across scales and domains, improving access to data and research, developing tools for analysis and visualization, and fostering collaboration with the international water informatics community.

SME: Why Should the Government Care about Reinvestment in Mining and Engineering Schools

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The Society for Mining and Metallurgy Exploration, Inc. (SME) has posted a new Technical Briefing Paper on the website regarding Federal Support for U.S. Mining Schools. In it they provide background on the issue, outline reasons investment in these programs is valuable to the American public and provide options for action.

Webinar Announcement: Desalination as a Source of Fresh Water

GeoSpectrum is now the Geotimes Blog

The American Geosciences Institute is pleased to announce the relaunching of its GeoSpectrum newsletter as the Geotimes Blog. GeoSpectrum has evolved from a quarterly newsletter of the geoscience societies to a blog about activities in AGI's member societies and other news and events about the geosciences.


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