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Carlos A. Dengo, AGU Development Board Chair

A new year is just around the corner. And with it comes the promise of new beginnings and opportunities for personal and professional growth. 2019 is also AGU’s Centennial year – a time for our community to celebrate the scientific advances made in Earth and space science over the past 100 years.  For me, the advent of Centennial leads me to consider how we can make sure that our science will prosper and contribute to society for the next century.

Presidential Citation Update

Over the last few days, many in our community have clearly stated on social media that AGU’s choice of Senator Cory Gardner for the AGU Presidential Citation is troublesome given some of his statements and actions in reference to climate change.

First, we acknowledge that we failed to communicate with the community about the citations and the reasons Senators Cory Gardner and Gary Peters were chosen. Second, we did not act to proactively address the concerns some of you have over Senator Gardner’s selection. While these were failures in process and not intentional, the result was the same: confusion and serious concern about this choice. For that we are deeply sorry.

We would like to clarify a few points:


geologese (ge-ol''-o-gese'). (a) Literary style or jargon peculiar to geologists. (b) Geological language that is "progressing rapidly" toward the construction of "sentences in such a way that their meaning is not apparent on first reading" (Vanserg, 1952, p.221).


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