phosphatization (phos''-pha-ti-za'-tion). Conversion to a phosphate or phosphates; e.g. the diagenetic replacement of limestone, mudstone, or shale by phosphate-bearing solutions, producing phosphates of calcium, aluminum, or iron. Cf: phosphorization.

isochore [stratig]

isochore [stratig] . A line drawn on a map through points of equal drilled thickness for a specified subsurface unit. Thickness figures are uncorrected for dip in vertical wells, and corrected for hole angle, but not for dip, in deviated wells. Cf: isopach.


Lemuria (Le-mu'-ri-a). An imaginary continent, also known as Amosnuria, beloved by science-fiction writers, that is alleged to have occupied most of the central Pacific Ocean until historic time, when it sank, leaving only the Pacific islands as tiny remnants. The dispersal of Polynesian peoples and cultures is supposed to have been facilitated by the existence of Lemuria, but this dispersal is easily explained otherwise. Geologically, the existence of such a continent, either modern or ancient, is impossible.

AAG Seeks Feedback In Search Process for New Executive Director

As previously announced, after two decades of distinguished service to the AAG, Doug Richardson, will retire as Executive Director in early 2020. The AAG Council has assembled a Search Committee composed of current Council members and other experienced geographers to work on the important task of recruiting a new Executive Director. The Search Committee members […]

Contribute to a Mentoring Program for #ThankYourMentor Day

Every year, the Honors Banquet is a highlight for me at the AGU Fall Meeting. While I am always impressed with the descriptions of the honorees’ amazing contributions to the Earth and space sciences, what I enjoy most are the heartfelt thanks that the honorees offer to those who have helped them along the way. Their sincere acknowledgements of their mentors serve as a reminder that great science is rarely achieved in isolation. My interest in mentoring over the past two decades has been driven by this recognition. I want to give everyone an equal shot at great science. I strongly believe that if our community is interested in cultivating an atmosphere that produces excellence in the Earth and space sciences, then we should be equally committed to excellence in mentoring. From my vantage point, the two go hand in hand.

AAG Welcomes Spring 2019 Interns

Three new interns have joined the AAG staff this spring semester! The AAG would like to welcome Matilda, Crystal, and Jessica to the organization. Matilda Kreider is a junior at George Washington University pursuing a B.A. in political communication with a minor in geography. Matilda is interested in communicating science to the public through museums […]

Photo Release: Hubble fortuitously discovers a new galaxy in the cosmic neighbourhood

Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope to study some of the oldest and faintest stars in the globular cluster NGC 6752 have made an unexpected finding. They discovered a dwarf galaxy in our cosmic backyard, only 30 million light-years away. The finding is reported in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters.


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