palpus (pal'-pus). A term applied either to a pedipalpus (including pedipalpal coxae) or more properly to one of the five segments following the coxa in an arachnid (TIP, 1955, pt. P, p.62). Pl: palpi. Adj: palpal. See also: palp.

The Great Geoadvent: Door 24

We’ve reached the end of another geoadvent season!  Huge thanks to all the photographers who submitted the photographs we’ve been featuring throughout December – copies of the calendar are still available, although you’ll have to wait until the New Year to get your hands on one! Order online here, or visit us at Burlington House … Continue reading


Ontarian (On-tar'-i-an). (a) Stage in New York State: Middle Silurian (middle and lower parts of Clinton Group). (b) An obsolete name for the Middle and Upper Ordovician in New York State.


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