Diamonds reveal water in deep mantle

Inclusions in diamonds often render them undesirable to consumers, but they can provide researchers with striking insights into Earth’s composition. Recently, scientists probing diamond samples for the presence of carbon dioxide stumbled instead upon inclusions of ice-VII — a type of crystallized water that forms at very high pressures, and has never before been found in nature.
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Plate Tectonic Stories Competition – the results!

Back in October 2017, as part of our ’50 years of Plate Tectonics’ celebrations, we launched our Plate Tectonic Stories Competition along with our online web resource on 20 sites around the UK and Ireland that showcase the influence of plate tectonic processes. The competition closed in April and we’ve had so many fantastic and … Continue reading

Hazards in paradise: Indonesia prepares for natural disasters

Indonesia is a lushly beautiful and tectonically active country that is prone to natural disasters, including eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, tornadoes and landslides. What is the country doing to monitor and prepare for such hazards and are those efforts working?
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conotheca (co-no-the'-ca). (a) Conoidal theca with a small circular aperture located at the terminus of a short neck developed irregularly in colonies of tuboid graptolithines (Whittington and Rickards, 1968). (b) The outer shell of ectocochleate cephalopods and of the phragmocone of endocochleate cephalopods.

LGBT STEM Day: Time to Talk About It

Dr. Lisa Graumlich

“It’s ok to be gay – just don’t tell anyone.” That was the advice that a senior administrator gave me as I started my career as an assistant professor. My would-be mentor didn’t feel she needed to name the consequences of being out as they were obvious. As women we were already sorely underrepresented in our fields. Why call further attention to yourself? She tacitly implied that it was the safe thing to do as it shielded me from homophobic jokes, harassment or discrimination. And, surely, it was good to not make people uncomfortable or, heaven forbid, further rock the boat.

NSF Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education Requests Input

To identify emerging research questions in these areas, the NSF Advisory Committee on Environmental Research and Education is reaching out to interested and knowledgeable members of the scientific community for their views.


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