caltonite (cal'-to-nite). A dark-colored analcime-bearing basanite that contains microphenocrysts of olivine and clinopyroxene in a trachytic groundmass composed of feldspar laths, clinopyroxene, iron oxides, and analcime. It was named by Johannsen (1931) for Calton Hill, Derbyshire, England. Obsolete.

Meet the AAG Journals Editors – David Butler and Nik Heynen

Published six times a year since 1911, the Annals of the American Association of Geographers is one of the world’s foremost geography journals. The articles in the journal are divided into four theme sections that reflect the various scholarship throughout the geographic discipline: Geographic Methods; Human Geography; Nature and Society; and Physical Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences. There are editors […]

AAG Welcomes Three Interns for 2018 Summer

The AAG is pleased to have three interns joining the AAG staff for the summer of 2018! Alex Lafler is a Junior at Michigan State University pursuing a BS in Geographic Information Science and a BA in Human Geography (along with a Minor in Environment and Health). Alex previously interned at the St. Joseph County […]

Popular Week of July 6, 2018

2018 ASLO Member Survey: we need your input!

ASLO has undergone tremendous change since we last surveyed our members in 2012 (see highlights at the end of this post). The results of that survey, including many thoughtful comments included in responses, have been instrumental in creating the 2015 ASLO Strategic Plan...

Lithium: Brines, batteries and bottlenecks

In early April, The Geological Society hosted a flagship meeting as part of the 2018 Year of Resources on Lithium: From exploration to End-user. The meeting was a fascinating insight into this increasingly important metal, all the way from exploration and extraction to its conversion into high-purity battery grade Lithium for its use in Li-ion … Continue reading


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