sorted [pat grd]

sorted [pat grd] . Said of a nongenetic group of patterned ground features displaying a border of stones (including boulders) commonly surrounding or alternating with fines (including sand, silt, and clay). Ant: nonsorted.

quartz schist

quartz schist . A schist whose foliation is due mainly to streaks and lenticles of nongranular quartz. Mica is present but in lesser quantities than in mica schist. A syn. of "schistose quartzite" of some petrologists.


Histels . Gelisols with large amounts of organic carbon that commonly accumulate under anaerobic conditions or the organic matter at least partially fills voids in fragmental, cindery, or pumicious materials. Cold temperatures contribute to the accumulation of organic matter. A suborder of the U.S. system of soil taxonomy.


synmorph (syn'-morph). A smooth trough-shaped part of an undulatory thrust fault. It does not reflect warping or deformation of a once-planar fault surface. It is typically covered by erosional remnants of the upper plate (Kopf, 1982). Cf: antimorph.


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