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surf beat

surf beat . (a) The slow variability of the height of incoming swell due to interference among swell of nearly the same period. (b) The long-period (several minutes) change in water level along the coast due to the changing height of breakers in the surf zone.

Nominations For Paleontological Society Award Or PS fellow!

Dear Paleo Society members,

It’s that time of year! Please consider nominating a colleague for a Paleontological Society Award or PS Fellow:

Paleontological Society Medal: The Paleontological Society Medal is the most prestigious honor bestowed by the Society, reflecting the objectives and standards of the Society. It is awarded to a person whose eminence is based on advancement of knowledge in paleontology.

Nominations For A Student Representative To Council

Dear Colleagues,

The Paleontological Society is soliciting nominations for a Student Representative to Council.

Eligibility: We encourage nominations from paleontology graduate students who are early-mid stage in their graduate programs from all backgrounds and institutions, particularly those that have historically been under-represented on the Paleontological Society Council.

Popular Week of January 5, 2018

Nothing is clear about who left marks on ancient bones

An ongoing debate regarding the origin of scrape marks on ancient animal bones has taken a new turn. The marks were first thought to have been made by early hominid butchers, then by trampling, and now it’s looking like crocodiles might have been responsible, according to a recent study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
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pyrometamorphism (py''-ro-met''-a-mor'-phism). (a) Metamorphic changes taking place without the action of pressure or water vapor, at temperatures near the melting points of the component minerals; it is a local, intense type of thermal metamorphism, resulting from the unusually high temperatures at the contact of a rock with magma, e.g. in xenoliths (Turner, 1948). Cf: igneous metamorphism. (b) "Metamorphism" caused by lightning strikes and burning coal seams.


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