Tragedy on Main Street: six U.S. tales of repetitive loss.


1.a lamentable, dreadful, or fatal event or affair; calamity; disaster:stunned by the tragedy of so many deaths.

2.a dramatic composition, often in verse, dealing with a serious or somber theme, typically involving a great person destined to experience downfall or utter destruction, as through a character flaw or conflict with some overpowering force, as fate or an unyielding society.

3.the branch of the drama that is concerned with this form of composition.


In today’s world, social media obsess over a small handful of entertainment, athletic, political, and business celebrities. It’s easy and tempting for the remaining seven billion of us to emulate, follow, and live vicariously through these few – breathlessly following ups and downs of the run-up (?) to a North Korean- U.S. summit, Meghan’s marriage to Harry, LeBron’s 50+ points Friday night, Roseanne’s latest tweet. We lose sight of reality – that we are, each of us, intended to be the heroes and heroines of our own lives.

What’s more, we’re not actors in some low-key sitcom, but rather a great drama – the challenge of living on the generous, dangerous, fragile real world.


wetland . An area that is regularly wet or flooded and has a water table that stands at or above the land surface for at least part of the year (NOAA, 2004). The term has supplanted more colloquial terms such as swamp and marsh.

RFG2018 is in just two weeks!

Selection of RFG2018 quotes from organizers.
Resources for Future Generations 2018 (RFG2018) is taking place this month and we couldn’t be more excited to take part. You will likely recognize the names of many of our colleagues and the sector’s thought-leaders getting behind this event, and for good reason. As the premier event aiming to bring us all together to tackle issues around the sustainable use, extraction and management of earth’s resources, this discussion couldn’t come at a more critical time. 

Taking the surprise out of sneaker waves

Since 2005, more than two dozen confirmed fatalities in California and Oregon have been caused by so-called sneaker waves, which surge far ashore with little warning, sometimes catching beachgoers by surprise. Most beaches in the Pacific Northwest and California have posted signs warning visitors of the hazard, but few scientific studies have been done on sneaker waves and, currently, there is no consensus on their definition or origin. 
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entropy map

entropy map . A facies map that is based on the degree of "mixing" of three end members (rock components) of a given stratigraphic unit, but that does not distinguish the natures of these end members (see Forgotson, 1960; Krumbein and Sloss, 1963). Cf: entropy-ratio map.

Weekend worship in Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake City hackathon — only the second we've done with a strong geology theme — is a thing of history, but you can still access the event page to check out who showed up and who did what. (This events page is a new thing we launched in time for this hackathon; it will serve as a public document of what happens at our events, in addition to being a platform for people to register, sponsor, and connect around our events.) 

Photo Release: Cosmic collision lights up the darkness

Though it resembles a peaceful rose swirling in the darkness of the cosmos, NGC 3256 is actually the site of a violent clash. This distorted galaxy is the relic of a collision between two spiral galaxies, estimated to have occurred 500 million years ago. Today it is still reeling in the aftermath of this event.


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