peg-leg multiple

peg-leg multiple . A multiple reflection involving successive reflection at different interfaces so that its travel path is not symmetrical. Sometimes refers to short-path multiples within thin beds, which result in transferring energy from the front of a wavetrain and adding it back later, and sometimes to long-path multiples, which lead to separate events.


fels . A rarely used term applied to massive metamorphic rock lacking schistosity or foliation, e.g., calcsilicate fels (Winkler, 1967). Cf: granofels.

August 1, 2019, magnitude-6.8 Chile earthquake reveals stress is building on the megathrust

Tiegan Hobbs, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Seismic Risk Scientist, Temblor (@THobbsGeo) Sandwiched in the neighborhood of the 1960 M=9.5, 2010 M=8.8, 2015 M=8.3 and 1985 M=7.8 earthquakes, a M=6.8 earthquake went virtually unreported ...


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