lowmoor peat

lowmoor peat . Peat occurring on low-lying moors or swamps and containing little or no sphagnum. Its moisture is standing surface water and is low in acidity. Mineral matter and nitrogen content is high compared to highmoor peat; cellulose content is low. Cf: highmoor peat; planar peat; topogenous peat. Syn: fen peat.

#50: The geophysics value proposition for unconventionals

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Scott Singleton, guest editor for February's The Leading Edge. February's special section highlights eight unconventional case studies. Scott discusses how the industry can rise to the challenge of unconventional, the link between unconventional and microseismic, and a brief history on the field. Subscribers can read the full articles in the SEG Digital Library at abstracts are always free.

ASLO to host Public Discussion in San Juan, PR

The public is invited to lend their voices to the meeting toward helping develop constructive and ongoing conversations about science. A panel of aquatic scientists and science communicators will respond to suggestions, comments, and questions from the public audience and community stakeholders.


conchiolin (con-chi-o'-lin). A fibrous protein, C3H48N9O11, that constitutes the organic basis of most mollusk shells; e.g. the material of which the periostracum and organic matrix of the calcareous parts of a mollusk shell are composed. Syn: conchyolin.


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