62: Anisotropy without tears featuring Heloise Lynn

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Heloise Lynn on her upcoming North American Honorary Lecturer tour starting 5 September. Andrew and Heloise discuss Leon Thomsen's famous deck of cards from SEG 1986, the controversy surrounding her recent published paper, how anisotropy can be understood by all geophysicists, what would happen if azimuthal P-P seismic measurements reached its full potential, and more. This interview isn't to be missed.

Photo Release: Hubble Showcases New Portrait of Jupiter

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope reveals the intricate, detailed beauty of Jupiter’s clouds in this new image taken on 27 June 2019[1]. It features the planet’s trademark Great Red Spot and a more intense colour palette in the clouds swirling in the planet’s turbulent atmosphere than seen in previous years.


Eophytic (E-o-phyt'-ic). A paleobotanic division of geologic time, signifying that time during which algae were abundant. Cf: Aphytic; Archeophytic; Cenophytic; Mesophytic; Paleophytic.

100 years of female Fellows: Mildred Blanche Robinson

2019 marks 100 years since women were able to be elected as Fellows of the Geological Society, with the first eight elected in May 1919. They came from a diverse range of specialisms, backgrounds and experience - as part of our activities to mark the anniversary, we're profiling each of them. Continue reading


retard (re'-tard). A permeable bank-protection structure situated at and parallel to the toe of a slope and projecting into a stream channel, designed to reduce stream velocity and induce silting or accretion.

LOREX application deadline extended

Between summer field work for students and summer holidays for host PI’s, we know some people had trouble connecting in time for the 31 July deadline. If you are interested in participating in conducting international research in summer 2020 through the LOREX program, contact Adrienne Sponberg...


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