RFG 2018 Conference


A History of Gold Mining on the Yankee Fork River, Custer County, Idaho

Early settlement of the Idaho Territory (established in 1863) was greatly influenced by the influx of prospectors and miners searching largely for gold and silver in its rugged 'mountainous regions. Many of these miners were first involved in the great California gold rush of 1848, and in its aftermath they slowly migrated to other promising areas of Nevada, Colorado, British Columbia and Idaho.

EARTH: South Africa's Toxic Legacy: Acid mine drainage threatens water supplies

In the Witwatersrand goldfields, not far from bustling Johannesburg, South Africa, more than a century of mining has left the region littered with mounds of waste and underlain by a deep underground network of abandoned mine shafts, which are gradually filling with water. Today, the mines are producing less and less gold and more and more sulfuric acid.
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