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Interactive map of water wells in South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources provides an interactive map of water wells in the state based on water well completion reports. Users can search for wells by place, ownership, well type, driller, and date of completion.

By clicking on an individual well, you can access well data and the completion report. All data and reports can be downloaded for further use. The interactive map also provides a searchable database of drillers and pump installers in the state.

NGWA Monitoring Uptick in Exempt Well Issues #water

The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) published an article tracking cases on issues related to quantity of water and land use. Initially this was an issue faced by well owners in western states, but these cases are now appearing in the eastern U.S. as well. The article discusses five cases going through various states right now.

Groundwater Sustainability

Groundwater is a critical component of the nation’s water resources. Globally, groundwater resources dwarf surface water supplies. Approximately 25 percent of the earth’s total freshwater supply is stored as groundwater, while less than 1% is stored in surface water resources, such as rivers, lakes, and soil moisture. The rest of the freshwater supply is locked away in polar ice and glaciers (Alley 1999a). Because groundwater is hidden, the resource is often forgotten or misunderstood. In fact, until 1984, courts in Ohio held groundwater movement “secret” and “occult” (Cline 1984).


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